Kirk/Chapel Stories

Once upon a time there was no Kirk/Chapel on this site, and then there were a few fics buried in the stories on the Original Series page. And now this is getting so big, I thought I should organize it better. Hope this helps. It's organized by theme, so depending what you're in the mood for, this should help you find it.

Romantic and/or Light

Maybe you want banter or some romantic fluff? Maybe you want romance and don't mind a little angst thrown in ('cause I can't write without any usually). Try these:

Divine Torture (PG-13)   -   First contact was never supposed to be like this.

Demote in Haste, Repent at Leisure (R)   -   Back on his ship but with an ticked off Nogura at Command and an angry Chapel on board, Kirk has definitely had better months. For those who are tired of the weirdness, this is a bit fluffier--and fun. But, of course, not without some angst, cuz what's a love story with no angst?

Everything Old Is New Again (R)   -   Post-TMP. After V'ger, old things seem new.

Happily Ever After--Or Something Like That   -   Kirk and Chapel are stuck in a fairytale world. But why? And how do they get out? This is aiming more for the funny bone than the angst meter.

Here I Come to Save the Day (R) To say that Kirk was pissed off over what I did to him in "The Problem of Being Human," is to not understand how ticked off a character who's taken up residence in your head can be. So this is his answer. He wanted to be sexy and funny and heroic. I'm surprised he didn't ask for co-writing credit. Short and silly: enjoy! Many thanks to Celticmusebooks for the beta!

How to Fall in Love (R)   -   This is an experimental, dialogue only story—no connective tissue. I usually despise works that don't use quotation marks to denote dialogue, but since that's all there is here, I'm going to skip them. If I did my job right, you won't miss them. I was missing these two and I needed a diversion from the world, so...this is the result.

Idle Chit Chat (R)   -   Kirk wanted something fun and romantic after "Doomed to Repeat." Also he wanted to not be a dick. I don't ignore him when he's pissed off at me. This is much more my normal style, so those who didn't like DTR, it's safe to come back in the water.

The Island (R)   -   He wanted to get to know her better--but this might be more than he asked for. A straight-up Kirk/Chapel for those who've been missing such things. Not, of course, without some angst.

Many Returns of the Day (PG-13)   -   Happy Birthday to trekfan-written specially for her. It's super-duper fluffy but hopefully will bring a smile!

Motivational Maneuvers (PG-13)   -   Is there anything worse than mandatory training? Only if it's a motivational seminar--that's not motivational. Fortunately, if the company is good, you're not so bad off. I've been to wayyyy too many of these, I think.

Plato's Gift (R)   -   There are some unexpected aftereffects from the run-in with the Platonians.

Plato's Goodbye (R)   -   A sequel to Plato's Gift. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder (R)   -   This started out as fluff. Nice, innocent, let them have sex in a different era fluff. But I think my muse is incapable of doing pure fluff. At any rate, this is Kirk and Chapel, living it up. Enjoy-it was fun to write and I hope it's fun to read.

Should You Know If I Never Tell You? (R)   -   Chapel is happy now. Even though Kirk's stolen the ship from Decker and demoted her. She's happy because Spock's back. She can resume her crush on his best friend. She has no idea Kirk's in love with her. Primarily because he never told her.

Siren's Song (R)   -   A magical island brings two hurt people together. A solstice story.

Snowflakes (PG-13)   -   Blame this on a snowstorm. It made me silly.

Strange Bedfellows (R)   -   A landing party on a deserted planet goes awry...again.

Taken by Surprise (R)   -   This woman had seen him at his very worst and liked him anyway. Kirk/Chapel, low angst, probably as romantic as I get these days. Cuz why not?

That Chance We Never Had (R)   -   Goodbyes can be a chance to see what you've been missing. (Kirk/Rand but you'll need this for the Kirk/Chapel sequel.)

That Chance We Never Knew We Wanted (R)   -   This is a sequel to "That Chance We Never Had." Takes place when Chapel leaves the ship to go to med school. Things are changing.

Unexpected (PG-13)   -   This is for Harmony Bites and she knows why. A bit experimental in the crafting, but at its heart a love story.

Welcome Home (PG-13)   -   I think it might possibly be one of the signs of the end days when I write something this fluffy. Oh well. It's a literary exercise--a story of only dialogue.


You don't want light; you want these two to have to work, and work hard, for it. Not dark, necessarily. Just angsty. Try these:

About What I Said (R)   -   Kirk broke things off with Chapel, and he did it in a way he knew would hurt her since she was resisting letting go; he has no one to blame but himself if she moves on. So why is he having such a hard time letting go? And why does she seem to have picked his best friend to move on to?

Acting Out (R)   -   Another story I found started in my WIP file. This time with only a small portion done. So I used this as an exercise for some writerly things I'm trying to work on. Not that I need much of an excuse to write the Captain and Doctor C together.

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go (R)   -   Okay so this was supposed to be mostly just an excuse to let JTK and Doctor C get it on. But then the muse decided to insert some actual plot and angst into the witty banter and sexy time. She does that. I'm just her scribe and I key in what she tells me LOL. This is a little different Chapel than I normally go with.

Chasing the Rush (NC-17) They've known each other for a long time, liked each other tremendously, but never stopped to really see what was right in front of them. Now, when they are both older, can they stop chasing the rush long enough to realize a kindred soul might be reaching back?

Closing Time (PG-13)   -   Because sometimes life happens after hours.

Collide on Dry Land (R)   -   Some storms come on suddenly. Some build up over time.

Comfort (R)   -   It starts with a desire to help. This one tracks canon. Not all canon, but key bits of it.

Doomed to Repeat (R)   -   Do people ever really change? This is Kirk-Chapel fic. This is also Spock/Chapel fic. It is not however, Kirk/Spock/Chapel fic--just in case you were waiting for something new on that front.

Featured Attraction (R)   -   She thought sex would open Spock's emotional doors, not slam them all shut. (Yes, this does belong on the Kirk/Chapel page too.)

For the First Time in My Life, I Was Happy (R)   -   I am in debt to a reader for the suggestion to write a story with Leila Kalomi, which I had not done before. Said requestor was most unhappy with where this went. I'm super happy with it. I think it turned out to be balanced and canon-friendly. This is Kirk/Chapel, Spock/Chapel, and Spock/Leila (that's in alpha order, not necessarily how things end).

From Unexpected Places (R)   -   This is a prequel to "Grief," but you don't have to have read that story for this one to work. This is a look at how Kirk and Chapel came together, and how she and Spock found a way to the friendship that would pave the way to what comes later in "Grief." If you need a happier outing than "Grief," this may be for you.

Grief (R)   -   A story about love but also about the havoc grief plays, and the many ways it affects us and others. In case you want to read the story that came first.

It's All About Survival (PG-13)   -   People connect in all sorts of ways.

I Want to Follow You, But Not Be Led (R)   -   So the first section of this has been sitting in my WIP file for 2.5 years. I knew I wanted to explore Kirk and Chapel in a post STV environment, which is not my norm (post TMP is more my speed). Spock plays a significant role here for those who tire of K/Ch fics that don't include him as much. This has the things I like the most: insecure Kirk, damaged Chapel, & unlikely friends.

Kismet (R)   -   A Kirk/Chapel for a friend who needed a new outing with her fav TOS ship. Supposed to be fluffy, didn't (of course) end up that way.

Live Fast, Regret Later (R)   -   Sometimes why we do things is not that important--other times it is. A character I didn't expect intruded on this and ran away with the story. Grrrr.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (R)   -   I don't like what the powers that be did with Kirk in Generations, but it's canon I guess so I'm going to work with it. How did Kirk meet Antonia-and why'd he leave her? And what does Chapel have to do with it?

The Morning After (R)   -   There's always a morning after. Some of them are more important than others.

Never Give All The Heart (R)   -   This may be more a character study than a romance. It's Kirk's blackest time, the time on Earth after the first five-year mission. He won't give all his heart to the woman he's with--but does he ever? Once he's back on the ship, can he change? Or is it too late even if he can? This is Kirk/Chapel and Spock/Chapel. It is not all three.

Not in the Nest (R)   -   Set right after ST:TMP, a fling on Earth is very different from a romance with a crewmember.

Not Ready to Make Nice (R)   -   "Forgive, sounds good. Forget, I'm not sure I could. They say time heals everything. But I'm still waiting." With apologies to the Dixie Chicks, but their song, minus the political parts, says it better than I can. This is Kirk/Chapel and Spock/Uhura and it's a messy story. Not any kind of multiples, so if you're afraid I'll add Uhura to the three-pack: don't worry, I won't.

Old Friends (R)   -   This is because Majel died and I felt like Chapel should have another story.

Parallels and Intersections (PG-13)   -   Sometimes lives don't touch so much as run alongside--other times they take a detour.

Passion is the Gale (R)   -   Kirk wanted a disfunctional story for him and Chapel. Spock was not interested in being relegated to the sidelines since stories from me are now fewer and farther between. It led to an interesting dynamic. This is a bit of an angstfest.

The Peril of Intervening Between Water and Stone (R)   -   The road to hell and all that. This is Spock/Chapel and Kirk/Chapel, but not all three. Written for Harmony Bites, who provided the plot bunnies. Hope I used them well!

Post-Traumatic Stress Desire (R)   -   Sometimes we go to dark places. Sometimes only the people who've already been there can help us out.

Chicken Soup for the Gonads (R)   -   A sequel to Post-Traumatic Stress Desire. This one is slightly less serious

Reopening Old Wounds (R)   -   They of all people know the danger of reopening old wounds. This is a little different spin on the events around the second through fourth movies, but still following canon.

Safe Word (R)   -   The title should give it away. Written with the premise: "It's a flavorful treat but can you make a meal of it?" This is mostly Kirk/Chapel, but there's some Spock/Chapel (and some Spock/Uhura implied, if that's how you like it).

Tainted (R)   -   After the conspiracy and Khitomer, Chapel lives under a cloud of suspicion. Kirk & Spock may be the only ones who can help her get out from under it. But what else do they want? This can go all kinds of ways including Kirk-Spock-Chapel. Be warned.

Tempest (R)   -   Some day I will get over my need to examine how people were feeling right after ST:TMP. But today is not that day. This is more a Kirk character study than some of my Kirk/Chapels, but all the players have a role.

Thar She Blows! (PG-13)   -   It's fun to hang with the guy who's just traveled through time, brought back two humpback whales, and saved the Earth and everyone on it. Just fun. Right? Sorta light, sorta not. Set after STIV and during/after.

Unlucky in Love (R)   -   A slighty different Kirk/Chapel. A romance that's not romantic, as one person put it, and I like that idea.

Waltzing with the Muses (R)   -   Life unfolds in unexpected way. Life follows patterns. Sometimes, life does both. Takes place a year after the 2nd through 5th movies.

Dark and/or Weird

I usually don't get these guys as dark as I do Spock and Chapel. Kirk and Chapel just somehow tend to lighter angst for me. But every now and then I do go down that trail.

Button, Button (PG-13)   -   Some stories are so strange you don't know where they come from. This is one of them.

Clean Slate (R)   -   After slavers who traffic in high-value labor take Chapel, she loses her identity but retains her skills. Kirk wants to get the rest of her back, and Spock is willing to use a meld to try. But this is after V'ger and there are things unsaid that need to come out, on all sides. This is Kirk/Chapel and Spock/Chapel. Hard truths, compromised people behaving badly: this one's not light and bantery. No violence for those worried there might be.

In Your Bed (R)   -   This is probably as much a character piece as a romance. Definitely a bit experimental--and a format that I think only works in fanfic where we have all the shared references. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Mazes of a Nightmare (R)   -   Where does a nightmare end and reality begin? This is hurt-comfort, but much more than that too.

The Path Not Taken (R)   -   This is set after STVI. It's a little different take on things, I think.

The Price of Valor (PG-13)   -   Sometimes, when everything and everyone else is broken, it comes down to friendship. Uhura and Chapel friendship center stage, which I don't usually do. I guess it's a New Year's gift to Nyota, not one of my favorite TOS characters. This is Kirk/Chapel with Spock and Chapel friendship.

Tender, Loving Care (PG-13)   -   You've been hurt, but she's there.

Urges (R)   -   A routine landing party leads to some strange behavior. This one is out there.

Witness (PG-13)   -   Sometimes you just have to watch. This is dark and very strange.

The Occupations Series

Chapel through her various occupations (This one does its best to track canon.) One of my favorite series I've done. This series is complete.

Nurse (PG-13)   -   Set during the five-year mission

Doctor (R)   -   Just before ST:TMP, and during the mission that followed.

Scientist (PG-13)   -   Set before STII: WOK.

Commander (R)   -   Set after STII: WOK.

Revenant (R)   -   Set after STVI: TUC.

Beloved (R)   -   This is a short sequel to Revenant and it's K/S/Ch for those who need a warning. But you don't have to have read the Occupations Series to get this. And really, this isn't in the same tense or the same tone or with the same POV character, so some may just want to stop at Revenant and call it a day.

The Kirk/Chapel Prime Series

The series that started it all. The first story started as an AU take on something that happened in The Carter Series. Then the series took on a life of its own. I don't think that I will ever write in it again but you never know, so I hesitate to mark it complete.

Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (R)   -   This story was inspired by a scene in the Carter Series story "Bridges," but you don't have to have read that story to enjoy this. Set just before ST:TMP. This was a dark time in Kirk's life.

A Particular Pain (R)   -   A follow-on to "Like We Never Had a Broken Heart." For those who would have liked the ending to go a bit differently. Set during ST:TMP, this is Kirk at his most darkly obsessed.

Living in Ashes (R)   -   It's the first mission after V-Ger for Kirk and Chapel and they have a new relationship to get used to, and friends to work out some problems with.

Claiming Happiness (R)   -   Kirk and Chapel try to find happiness among a crew who seem to have problems of their own.


A series of little stories that look at what if's and might-have-beens. For the hard core Kirk/Chapel fans who can see a ship for these two just about anywhere or for whom no snippet is too small. You know who you are!

No Such Thing as Goodbye (PG-13)   -   A vignette from the Kirk/Chapel prime series mostly likely. After ST:WOK.

Re-Released (R)   -   Go over to the Series page for this and other stories in the Slayer Turned series.

Returning Heroes (R)   -   I was watching STVI-The Undiscovered Country, and began to wonder, what if Chapel and Kirk had been involved at the time...and she was back on Earth during those events. This is my answer. It's plenty angsty--and I've been told very hot.

Right Side Out Again (R)   -   What if the beam-out in Inside Out from the Carter Series (you can find that on the Series page) hadn't worked?

A Trip Through the Multiverse (R)   -   You've read everything Kirk/Chapel on this site. You see the K/Ch ship wherever you look now. You are, in a word, gone on these two. This story is for you. I got lonely for all the various K/Ch incarnations. See if you can figure out who is who. .

What Might Have Been (PG-13)   -   Prelude to "Emotional Rescue" (you can find that on the Spock/Chapel page). For those who wondered what "delightful" really meant.

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