Assorted Series of the Original Series

The Angst Series

When you're in the mood for some pretty dysfunctional relationships--and also some true love buried inside the pain. When my website tracked such things, several of these stories were consistently in the top twenty of the nearly 300 or so I've written. This series is complete.

First, Do No Harm (R)   -   During the 5YM. For McCoy and Chapel, shore leave is for pretending.

Dregs (PG-13)   -   Post-WoK. Spock is dead. What if you're the one left behind?

Embers (PG-13)   -   Post-STV. They shared their pain, but then fate intervened. Now that everything is back to normal--or nearly so--is there anything left for Kirk and Chapel?

Physician, Heal Thyself (PG-13)   -   Post-STV. So what does McCoy think of Kirk and Chapel's relationship?

Never and Always Touching and Touched (R)   -   Post-STV. Spock has a secret.

Bargains in the Dead of Mind (PG-13)   -   Post-STV. Chapel's take on her relationships with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

The Fever Series

People do strange things when they burn for another. This is very, very messy. And I imagine I may add a story eventually so don't consider this one complete.

Fever Dreams (R)  -   Memory is a tricky thing. So's love.

Fevers Break (R)  -   Sequel to Fever Dreams, which has the potential to go many ways at the end. This is an exploration of one of the not-so-nice ways. If you like how Fever Dreams ended, best not read this.

Fever Pitch (R)  -   Sequel to Fevers Break. If you didn't like that story, you won't like this. What happens once everyone is reunited again.

The Life is Messy Series

This covers the waterfront and a lot of years. It is Kirk/Spock/Chapel, McCoy/Chapel, Spock/Chapel, and Sarek/Chapel. That probably sounds like a lot of bed jumping, but it makes sense in the series. It's one of my favorite things I've done. Give it a try. This series is complete.

For What It's Worth (R)   -   I've done several threesome stories, but this is the first time I've really tried to attack one in a realistic way. What would it be like to have to share? What if it didn't start from scratch with the three of you, but you were brought into an established pair? What if you fall in love, but not with both?

Conference Blues (R)   -   He gave her the smile that always used to annoy her. The knowing and arrogant one. She had to admit, tonight she found it kind of sexy. (This is a short sequel to "For What It's Worth" in the Life is Messy series, but it stands on its own if you didn't read that and just want a McCoy/Chapel fix. And just for the record, writing these two together in TOS is against my religion: I blame Trekfan LOL. )

The Road Re-Traveled (R)   -   This is a sequel to "For What It's Worth" and "Conference Blues." It picks the story back up when the post V'ger mission is wrapping up and goes through Star Trek V. This is people making a mess of things every way they can, and forging unexpected connections as they do.

To Belong to Someone (R)   -   This is the final sequel in the series that started with For What It's Worth. When I first wrote that story, I didn't expect it to turn into something with so many installments. But it's been a fun ride as an author, if perhaps an infuriating (depending on your ship) one for the reader. This one will be no different.

I Just Had a Feeling (R)   -   Very, very short Coda to "To Belong to Someone."

The Occupations Series

Chapel through her various occupations (This one does its best to track canon.) One of my favorite series I've done. This series is complete.

Nurse (PG-13)   -   Set during the five-year mission

Doctor (R)   -   Just before ST:TMP, and during the mission that followed.

Scientist (PG-13)   -   Set before STII: WOK.

Commander (R)   -   Set after STII: WOK.

Revenant (R)   -   Set after STVI: TUC.

Beloved (R)   -   This is a short sequel to Revenant and it's K/S/Ch for those who need a warning. But you don't have to have read the Occupations Series to get this. And really, this isn't in the same tense or the same tone or with the same POV character, so some may just want to stop at Revenant and call it a day.

The Three's Apparently Not a Crowd Series

This is Kirk/Spock/Chapel. Some installments are serious. Some are humorous. Hopefully all are enjoyable. This is an active series and I add stories every so often.

Forgotten (R)   -   Stranded and apparently forgotten on a frozen world, threecrewmates learn to survive.

Remembered (R)   -   Sequel to Forgotten. What happens when you come back home?

Man and Man and Wife (R)   -   Our intrepid threesome explores a new frontier: getting married. With apologies to: "Father of the Bride," "The Wedding Planner," "Romancing the Stone," "Summer Lovers," and "Murphy's Romance." No weddings or wedding planners were harmed in the making of this story. The use of illegal substances is not encouraged. Professional fictional characters at work: Do Not Try This at Home.

And V'Ger Makes Four (R)   -   The threesome takes on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This follows on the heels of "Man and Man and Wife."

Still Life in Triplicate (R)   -   Because life isn't always about the big moments. Sequel to "And V'Ger Makes Four."

Nothing's Perfect (R)   -   This deals with mature themes--more than usual with this trio. Life has been good to the trio--they've had some bumps from the outside but never a challenge to their relationship. Now they will, and it will come from the last place they expect. This is more explicit and brutal than I usually get, but there is a logic to that and nothing non-con.

Hellcat (R)   -   Their marriage was severely tested during the Pon Farr, but things have been good since then. One little girl can't change all that--can she? (Usually I only do these in Chapel's POV but another character needed a voice, so this is a little more experimental than others in the series.)

The Kirk/Chapel Prime Series

The series that started it all. The first story started as an AU take on something that happened in The Carter Series. Then the series took on a life of its own. I don't think that I will ever write in it again but you never know, so I hesitate to mark it complete.

Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (R)   -   This story was inspired by a scene in the Carter Series story "Bridges," but you don't have to have read that story to enjoy this. Set just before ST:TMP. This was a dark time in Kirk's life.

A Particular Pain (R)   -   A follow-on to "Like We Never Had a Broken Heart." For those who would have liked the ending to go a bit differently. Set during ST:TMP, this is Kirk at his most darkly obsessed.

Living in Ashes (R)   -   It's the first mission after V-Ger for Kirk and Chapel and they have a new relationship to get used to, and friends to work out some problems with.

Claiming Happiness (R)   -   Kirk and Chapel try to find happiness among a crew who seem to have problems of their own.

The Spock/Chapel Series

For lack of a better name. These are some of my very first Trek stories. All kinds of mistakes I don't make now, but why not leave it as witness to the progress I've made since 2000. This series is complete.

Negotiations (PG)   -   Set some time after ST:TMP    Spock encounters Christine during trade negotiations with an alien race and they both discover that they've each changed ... in some interesting ways.

Transitions (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Negotiations     Now both assigned to Starfleet headquarters, Spock and Christine resume their courtship until something happens to tear them apart.

Devastation (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Transitions     Reunited after a prolonged separation, Spock and Christine plan their future together, unaware of the disaster that waits just ahead. Set as ST:TWoK starts.

Absolution (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Devastation     Set just before ST:TVH begins, Christine and Spock go their separate ways. Years later, after the Khittomer Accords are signed a reunion finally is possible.

The Slayer Series

You'll find Christine the Vampire Slayer stories here. Sounds like a stretch? Give it a try, they may surprise you. Some people have written essays on how this doesn't work. They may be right. They may not. This was early days for me, and I just wanted to smash my two fav worlds together LOL. To some it was so much fun. To others: a joke. Whatever. That's writing. If you like Buffy, give it a try. This series is ongoing.

The Five Year Mission

(Note, the first stories here are really rough. I was just starting out, making writing choices I don't do anymore, and trying to retconn the Buffy bits as it aired (and kept changing stuff LOL). So, I promise the writing itself gets better as you go through this, but at the end of the day this series is probably AU for Buffy/Angel as well as Star Trek because I just couldn't keep up with everything (and the comics are definitely not included). All that said, I stand by this series and I'm not going to wipe out the first stories because you need them to get to the later parts I love. I'd write them differently now if I was starting it over but I'm not going to rewrite them. As one of my betas used to tell me, these early fics are our baby pictures.)

The Next Evil Thing (PG-13)   -   A distress call leads the Enterprise to face a terrible evil, an evil that Christine knows better than any of her crewmates realize.

Never Alone (PG-13)   -   Christine tries to return to her old life, but a stopover on Earth puts an end to that.

Natural Enemies (PG-13)   -   Back on the Enterprise, Christine and Spock attempt to learn more about their new foe and her paramour, and are soon learning more than they ever expected.

Set in Stone (PG-13)   -   A Halloween challenge response - Christine has premonitions that the next mission may be her last.

Gotterdammerung (PG-13)   -   The stage is set for a momentous battle. Will Christine survive? Will any of them? This is dark.

Hopeless (PG-13)   -   Months after Chapel fled from the chaos that her life had become, she has found some small peace on Earth. Until the Enterprise comes home, bringing old betrayals and unfinished business with her.

The Lost Years Saga

Hopeless closed out the 5-year mission. This begins a look at the time when the crew was dispersed,
and the Enterprise was in for refits. These are the lost years before ST:TMP. Well, okay, once we get
to "Unstoppable" and "New Heading," it is also the movie and beyond.

# 1 - Reckless (PG-13)

# 2 - Free Association (PG-13)

# 3 - Bystanders (PG-13)

# 4 - Release (PG-13)

# 5 - Sins of the Past (PG-13)

# 6 - Hellspawn (PG-13)

# 7 - Chaos (PG-13)

# 8 - Dirty Secrets (PG-13)

# 9 - Course Correction (PG-13)

# 10 - Unstoppable (PG-13)

# 11 - New Heading (PG-13)

The Next Wave

This begins the new mission, post Star Trek: TMP, with all the changed that the Lost Yars series brought.

Pick Six (PG-13)   -   First in the post Lost Years stories, this is mostly just a reason to spend some silly time with the kids--and their crossover friends.

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy (R)  -   While Kirk and the others search for Lori, Spock finds himself facing the Pon Farr and this time with a new partner, something that affects Chapel in ways she didn't expect. Special appearances by Angel and Spike, cuz why not?

The Slayer Turned Stories

This jumps off from Release in the Lost Years saga. It asks: What if things had gone a little differently in the park that night? It's dark, it's probably sort of kinky, and it's guilty fun. Enjoy.

Re-Released (R)   -   A fateful moment of surrender changes more than one life forever.

Old Debts (R)   -   Story two in the series. Life has changed, but some relationships don't. Or do they?

Out of Control (R)   -   Story three in the series. Decisions have taken life on a new path. But some things are inevitable. Like destiny, love, and V'ger.

The Carter Series

I originally wrote this as an exercise for original fiction writing. Building a crew, a new ship, new relationships and missions. It was popular when it was actively being written, and I still get emails asking me to finish it. Sadly, I won't be doing that. I know it's not finished, not complete in the true sense. But I won't be wriitng in it anymore. It did what it needed to do and I have original series I'm working on with a much better handle on how to do that, thanks to this series..

#1 Facilitate This(PG-13)   -   Team training is bad enough, but when you are paired with someone you would just as soon forget it is even worse!

#2 This is the Ship (PG-13)   -   Spock and Christine thought team training was difficult, that isuntil they had to staff their new ship, and get it ready for launch.

#3 Unto Space We Commend Thy Spirit (PG-13)   -   The USS Carter is finally ready to be launched but tragedyelsewhere has a profound effect on this event. An effect that carries overto the ship's first mission.

WARNING: This story deals with Viral Hemorrhagic Fever. At times thedetails my be, well gross. If you are squeamish, don't read this while youare eating.

Part 1
Part 2

#4 Never a Dull Moment (PG-13)   -   On the Carter's second mission, the crew must face their most daunting challenge of all...bureaucracy and a planet that has raised it to a high art.

Part 1
Part 2

#5 The Way by Moonlight (PG-13)   -   A difficult mediation becomes a nightmare when the warring parties won't come to the table.

#6 A Matter of Life and Death (PG-13)   -   The title says it all.

#7 It's Always Something (PG-13)   -   Well, they made it through the last outing. So what's ahead forthe Carter crew?

#8 Here Be Dragons (PG-13)   -   Reeling from recent tragedy, Chapel finds it hard to deal with another.

#9 Bridges (PG-13)   -   Disappearing scientists hardly sound like a job for the Cartercrew...but they may find they have no choice but to solve the mystery.

#10 Measureless to Man (PG-13)   -   The Carter crew has been assigned to Taillte, to assist in the diplomatic discussions.

#11 Inside Out (PG-13)   -   This is a short installment in the Carter series and hopefullya fun one with ummm something for everyone. To say more would be to spoil it.

#12 Belonging (Also Excelsior #1) (PG-13) by Djinn and Rabblerouser   -   A membership ceremony provides an opportunity for old friends fromthe Carter and the Excelsior to catch up.

The Rise Trilogy

One of my first attempt to really stretch and write original characters mixed in with the canon ones.

Blood Ties (PG-13)   -   This story, told from the point of view of Spock and Chapel's daughter gives a dark view of the couple. The tale twists and turns as it follows the young woman through the important events of the Star Trek universe. Is it AU? Maybe ... maybe not.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Blood Debt (PG-13)   -   This is a sequel to Blood Ties, set during the TNG era (after the ep "Unification"). It's sort of a fairy tale, if perhaps a dark one. There's some f/f slash in this. If you're not comfy with that, best move on.

Blood Vengeance (PG-13)   -   This is the last story in the Blood Ties trilogy. It starts a few years after Blood Debt and is set during the Dominion War. There's some f/f slash in this. If you're not comfy with that, best move on.

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