McCoy/Chapel Stories

This is for The Original Series only version of McCoy and Chapel--there are more
McCoy/Chapel stories on the 2009 Movie page.

After Effects (R)   -   So much fallout from the encounter with V'ger. Not all of it bad. Not all of it good, either. This gets messy. Please trust me and my muse and take the ride. I think you'll enjoy it. (This is more Chapel & McCoy than McCoy/Chapel, but still I think it deserves to show up on this page.)

Altered States (R)   -   A confession takes two people down an interesting road. I really, really, really did not intend to write McCoy another fic. But he bribed the muse while I was busy nursing a migraine and this little fic is the result. Irritating man.

Conference Blues (R)   -   He gave her the smile that always used to annoy her. The knowing and arrogant one. She had to admit, tonight she found it kind of sexy. (This is a short sequel to "For What It's Worth" in the Life is Messy series, but it stands on its own if you didn't read that and just want a McCoy/Chapel fix. Again, I blame Trekfan for this. )

First, Do No Harm (R)   -   During the 5YM, angsty. For McCoy and Chapel, shore leave is for pretending.

Nobody Knows Me Like You Do (R)   -   Writing a serious TOS McCoy/Chapel is pretty much against my religion, and yet here I am doing it. I'm blaming trekfan for the plot bunny, but my muse takes all responsibility for the contents. I've put these two together before, but never without some other partner taking precedence or McCoy being sort of an unwelcome stalker. This time, I let them go for it. And I like the result.

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