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This is rated PG-13.






By Trekki





Sarek moaned as he lost himself in the moment.


//Amanda?!  My beloved!//


//I am here for you my love// replied the gentle voice in his mind.  //Parted and never parted...//


//Not touching, yet always touching//  his mind replied.


The multitude of sensations became overwhelming for him.  Her scent, the cool firmness of her flesh, the taste of her lips....


The years spent in one another's company replayed in his mind like a holovid, as images cascaded and coalesced into each other.  Their meeting and ultimate joyful joining, the birth of Spock, the unfettered love he saw in both of their eyes and his tentative acceptance.


He felt himself approaching that tiny, rare space in his reality where he was made whole and complete.


He began to thrust urgently into the woman beneath him.  He felt her hands reflexively grip his shoulders as her writhing became more rapid and rhythmic.


Sarek teetered on the edge of sensation, trying to prolong his pleasure.  As he felt himself tumble into the abyss, his arms encircled her tightly.  "Amanda!" he gasped aloud, "Beloved--"


The slap across his face brought him back to the stinging, cold reality.  He opened his eyes and saw Perrin's glaring back at him, small with hate.  With a stifled sob, she angrily pushed away from him.  Sarek felt her yank the coverlet from the bed as he heard her run from their bedroom.


As he lay there, naked and exposed, he heard Amanda's now-mocking voice reverberate through his soul, "Parted from me, but never parted..."