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Top Ten in a Variety of Categories

(As of 11 June 2018)

My hosting service stopped giving me stats, so I decided to give a variety of options.
How do you define popularity? By how many people are reading a particular item?--the top ten in hits at Archive of Our Own (AO3) and views on Fanfiction.net (FFN) are listed. By people who drop a quick kudo or favorite a story? Those top ten are here too. By those who stop to leave a longer comment or review? Yep, got those. And then there's the stories that may not get hit a lot, but when they do, they have a large percentage of kudos or reviews. Those are here too--you see less repeating across columns with these. AO3 and FFN tend to have some areas of divergence, as you'll see, so there are a lot of stories listed here. In the case of a tie, all tied stories were assigned same ranking. Have fun exploring!

Story Title Fandom & Pairing AO3 Hits AO3 Kudos AO3 Comment Threads AO3 Kudos to Hits % FFN Views FFN Favorites FFN Reviews FFN Reviews to Views %
Failing Geometry Longmire Walt/Vic 1
He Needs You Arrow Olicity 2 1 1 7 3
One, Two, Three DC Comics SM/BM/WW 3 3
Failing Arrow Olicity 4 6 4 10 5
His First DC Comics BM/WW 5 7
Day of the Dead Star Trek VOY J/C 6
Mating Displays DC Comics BM/WW 7 8 6 2
Immortal Beloved: The Scenes In Between DC Comics SM/WW 8 4
When Amazons Attack DC Comics BM/WW 9 4 8
Did You Do That? The Walking Dead Caryl 10 2 9 7
Legacy of War M*A*S*H H/M 5 1
Flexible Truths M*A*S*H H/M 9
Faster Than Paradise DC Comics WW/Flash 10 4
You Keep Spinning Round Me Just the Same Star Trek TOS S/Ch 1
Not Even a Choice Star Trek VOY J/C 4 2
Awake Sleepy Hollow Ichabbie 4 9
Dead and Buried DC Comics SM/WW 4
Exorcising Demons DC Comics SM/WW 4
A Place to Stand Buffy Buffy/Giles 4
Isolated Incidences Star Trek TOS S/Ch 4
Fire in the Belly Harry Potter SSHG 1 1 1
Not Honey Lie to Me Callian 2
Stakeout DC Comics BM/WW 3 5
Ripening Star Trek VOY J/C 4
We'll Pretend You Love Me Star Trek TOS S/Ch 5 3
Joining Star Trek TOS S/Ch 9
Heart's Desire DC Comics SM/WW 10
Rules of Engagement DC Comics BM/WW 4
Driven Star Trek TOS S/Ch 6 7
Frostbite Star Trek TOS S/Ch 7 5
The Return of a Friend DC Comics BM/WW 7
Extended Abscence Dead Like Me Rube/George 9
Uses for Love Star Trek TOS S/Ch 9
Just One Star Trek ENT General 1
Where or When Star Trek DS9 Kira/Vic 2
Motivational Maneuvers Star Trek TOS K/Ch 3
Grief Star Trek TOS S/Ch 4 7
Siren's Song Star Trek TOS K/Ch 5
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Star Trek TOS K/Ch 6
Midnight Musings Star Trek TOS K/S/Ch 7
Everything Old Is New Again Star Trek TOS K/Ch 8
Reopening Old Wounds Star Trek TOS K/Ch 9
She Slays Vampires, Doesn't She? Buffy Buffy/Spike 1
Too Close to See Star Trek ENT Trip/T'Pol 1
Twisted Star Trek TOS General 1
Gee Whiz Star Trek ENT General 4
Just the Same Buffy General 4
It All Depends On Where You're Standing Star Trek TOS Kirk/Lori Ciani 6
Easier from Far Away Star Trek TOS S/Ch 8
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might Buffy Anya/Spike 8
Echoes and Voices Star Trek TNG General 10

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