Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise Stories

Next Gen Stories

Chance Encounter (PG)   -   Troi runs into an old friend.

Collateral Damage (PG-13)   -   Post-Nemesis. A companion piece to Echoes and Voices. The aftermath of the events of the movie for the rest of the characters.

Dark Corners (R)   -   This is a response to a list challenge to explore a character's hidden vice or dark side. Not sure where this story came from. The musewas in a very weird space the day this was written.

Echoes and Voices (PG-13)   -   Post-Nemesis. A character reflects on life after the events of the movie. Ifyou like dark, you'll like this.

Minimum Safe Distance (R)   -   Nemesis spoilers. Some violations linger. This is a Riker/Troi, set five months after Nemesis.

Someone to Watch Over Me (PG-13)   -   A few small Nemesis spoilers. How late is too late? This is my first (and probably last) attempt at a Picard/Crusher.

Deep Space Nine Stories

A Sky Not His Own (R)   -   Some things you can't take back. Warning - deals with mature themes.

It Wouldn't Be Make-Believe (PG-13)   -   I fell in love with Vic Fontaine from his first appearance on DS9, and found out how much fun he was to write in "Another Bad Night." So I decided to explore his life a bit more.

Lonely Hearts (PG-13)   -   Jadzia tries to find out what's on Kira's mind. (Songfic Challenge)

Remnant (PG)   -   DS9 wasn't afraid to deal with loss and grief, and certainly Kirasaw more than her share. My muse wanted to explore that. There's angstaplenty here if you're in the mood for a swim in those murky waters.

Where or When (R)   -   I wrote this for Valentine's Day. Vic assured me this pairing would work. Who am I to argue with him?

Enterprise Stories

Damage Control (G)   -   Fight or Flight coda. The title says it all.

Gee Whiz! (PG-13)   -   Parody. Think Mad Magazine or a Saturday Night Live skit.

Just One (G)   -   Carbon Creek coda. So, what now for Mestral?

Pressure Cooker (PG)   -   Broken Bow coda. Phlox has a meeting

The Prisoner (G)   -   Terra Nova coda. One of the other aftermaths of the events of Terra Nova.

Too Close to See (PG)   -   Observations on the Trip/T'Pol dynamic.

Reflections - a series of communiques from T'Pol to her cousin.

Broken Bow (G)

Fight or Flight (G)

Strange New World (G)

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