Spock/Chapel Stories

Welcome to the first pairing I wrote in Trek. I love them, but I'm not always nice to them. This page is getting huge, as is the site, so I've reorganized it a bit. Sorted by theme, so depending on your mood, you can find what you want.


You need a pick me up? Something light and fun, without a lot of angst (I can't promise there will be no angst)? Try these:

Captive Audience (PG-13) The world is crazy and hard and I wanted something very, very fluffy. So I wrote this. I hope, if you need something fluffy and totally lacking any real plot LOL, you too will enjoy this. Thanks to Celticmusebooks and Trekfan for the betas. <

Crossing the Desert (PG)   -   Response to a challenge to take the Archer-Tucker "crossing the desert/finding the hut" scene in Desert Crossing and rewrite it for your favorite pair.

Easier from Far Away (PG-13)   -   Sometimes talking is easier when you don't say a word. This was a birthday present for Geriatricfool.

Howzabout We Forget Last Night? (R)   -   A disastrous night together leaves Chapel trying to avoid Spock, so he works very hard to make things right. Snarky, possibly hot (and thank you to celticmusebooks for the nudge), with plenty of badly resolved sexual tension

Interlude (R)   -   This is for celticmusebooks. Happy birthday. Short but hopefully sweet.

Live Long and Prosper (R)   -   Spock/Chapel wasn't the first fandom/ship I wrote in (X-Files Mulder/Scully was) but it was the first Trek writing I did. We lost Leonard Nimoy this week and I wanted to do this in memory of him and return to one of my roots. It's probably fluffier than some, but I think that's appropriate. Still some banter cuz what's a djinn fic without that? Thanks to LilahKat for the nudge.

Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Say (PG-13)   -   Because I had an urge to return to banter-heavy Spock/Chapel stuff.

Once Upon a Shore Leave (PG)   -   Missing the light-hearted Spock/Chapel fic? Longing for some sarcastic humor? Try this. It's got a mystery, a shore leave, romance, and lots of banter.

Pitching Woo (R)   -   Spock wanted something fun and romantic (and successful for him) after "Doomed to Repeat" and what I put him through in that. I don't ignore him when he's pissed off at me. This is much more my normal style, so those who didn't like DTR, it's safe to come back in the water.

Too Old for This (R)   -   Because I can't do a sweet one for Sarek and for Kirk and not have Spock yammering for his fair share. Chapel and Spock find themselves adrift after the loss of Kirk and Scotty. For those who think I'm mean to Uhura, please note her running off with entire scenes here (not unlike what McCoy often does).

A Very Meta Birthday (PG-13)   -   Every now and then I like to poke fun at myself. I hope this is as enjoyable to read as it was to write. This is a birthday fic for Kimecakes, but any other Spock/Chapel lovers are free to consider it theirs as well.

What We Ought Not To Have (R)   -   Blame this one on MizJoely. She wanted a simple, not frakked-up Spock/Chapel romance after "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" I tried, I swear I tried to do fluff. But my fluff always manages to dip a toe (if not more) in the angst pool.


You want something romantic, but aren't afraid of some angst along the way? Try these:

Driven (R)   -   An unforeseen action during the Pon Farr leads to a commitment Chapel and Spock may not be ready for and no, this is not baby fic. Probably my most "in character" portrayal of these two yet, and a hopefully realistic look at two people trying to accommodate their new situation.

Emotional Rescue (PG-13)   -   Post-V'ger, Spock is ready to explore his emotions. Chapel only wants to run the other way.

Frostbite (PG-13)   -   A return to my roots with this one. Spock, sick of being twisted and darkened, asks Djinn for a story where he at least has the possibility of getting the girl. Blame this one on the February East Coast blizzard and iffy heat in my apartment.

Isolated Incidences (R)   -   Chapel is hurt and alone. Spock finds her. This may be the most romantic thing I've ever written for these two. If you're tired of all the stories where Spock does not get the girl, this is for you.

Joining (R)   -   It takes time for 'with someone' to mean 'together.'

Lasting Impressions (R)   -   Months after V'ger, a routine landing party proves anything but, and sets Spock on a path he didn't expect to be on. And one that proves more difficult than he expected. Straight up Spock/Chapel for those tired of other things. High on angst, some fun stuff too. I return to my roots for this one.

Nexus (PG-13)   -   Some events change lives forever.

In the Fullness of Time (R)   -   Sequel to Nexus. Healing will happen--in time.

The Spirit of the Season (PG-13)   -   Dedicated to MURPHYCAT a special Christmas story writen especially for her. In which I work out my own Xmas angst and still try to find a happy ending for Chapel's. Helped along with doting mother-in-laws, Vulcans, Gump's, and kitties, LOL. Merry Christmas!

They All Fall Down (PG-13)   -   Set sometime after the launch of the Enterprise B. Two people who've never connected find themselves hurting and in the same place.

We'll Pretend You Love Me (R)   -   It's not my habit to revisit stories. But I'm going to. This is "Featured Attraction" with the question "What if they'd been rescued several years instead of several weeks after being captured?" How would things be different? How would Spock and Chapel's relationship change? Will the same choices be made? This is twice as long as the original story, only the first 5K words are the same. I'm not rewriting the old one because I've changed my mind about the ending: that ending still stands for that story. This is a new story in response to new variables.

When I Finally Looked Your Way (PG-13)   -   Happy birthday, celticmusebooks! Spock, after V'Ger and Doctor C.

Mildly Dark

You want something pretty dark, that puts these two through the ringer, but isn't afraid to at least try for the happy ending? Try these:

After Effects (R)   -   So much fallout from the encounter with V'ger. Not all of it bad. Not all of it good, either. This gets messy. Please trust me and my muse and take the ride. I think you'll enjoy it.

Aftermath (R)   -   Been on a bit of a hiatus. Probably fitting that my return story is a Spock/Chapel. It's also a Kirk/Chapel, but those who dig Dr. C with the Vulcan can relax. Don't think I've dealt with the aftermath of Khitomer and the Enterprise B launch in precisely this way before. With thanks to Lifehouse for the lyrics as title & chapter heads.

The Attraction of Falling Bodies (R)   -   Pon Farr, Spock, Chapel. Some fics come from a dark place.

Drowning in Shadows (R)   -   Sequel to The Attraction of Falling Bodies. How much can you take before too little becomes not enough?
The Best is Yet to Come (R)   -   Chapel is under suspicion after the conspiracy. Spock is adrift after Jim's death and Valeris's betrayal. He cannot believe Valeris turned evil without help. And he thinks he knows exactly who might have had cause to want to ruin his lover. But how far will he go to look for evidence of Chapel's guilt?

The Burning (R)   -   I'm trying new things and this is (supposed to be) a prose poem. Spock valiantly offered to be the guinea pig for my attempts (actually he just was sick of his dad getting all the action, but he'll coat that in altruism, as is his way). It's the Pon Farr and them and maybe poetry buried in prose, if I did this at all right.

Broken (PG-13)   -   When a friend is in trouble, you help.

Clean Slate (R)   -   After slavers who traffic in high-value labor take Chapel, she loses her identity but retains her skills. Kirk wants to get the rest of her back, and Spock is willing to use a meld to try. But this is after V'ger and there are things unsaid that need to come out, on all sides. This is Kirk/Chapel and Spock/Chapel. Hard truths, compromised people behaving badly: this one's not light and bantery. No violence for those worried there might be.

Disinheriting the Meek (R)   -   Sometimes life isn't a fairy tale, and the meek don't inherit the earth. What happens then?

Drastic Measures (R)   -   Set after ST:VI and The Enterprise B launch, Spock wants Chapel to accompany him on a Diplomatic/Emergency Ops joint mission that goes very wrong. This is hurt/comfort, although not terribly graphic, cuz the hurt isn't the point, but thought I should give fair warning. For those longing for something Kirk free, this should fit the bill.

Give Them Always a Place to Cry and Never a Reason to Need It (R)   -   Set post Star Trek V, Chapel has rejoined the crew of the Enterprise. But she's not in the best emotional state and intervention comes from an unlikely source.

Grief (R)   -   A story about love but also about the havoc grief plays, and the many ways it affects us and others.

From Unexpected Places (R)   -   This is a prequel to "Grief," but you don't have to have read that story for this one to work. This is a look at how Kirk and Chapel came together, and how she and Spock found a way to the friendship that would pave the way to what comes later in "Grief." If you need a happier outing than "Grief," this may be for you. Kirk/Chapel

I Know Why You're Lonely (R)   -   What's more real? Her love or his lust? And in the end, will it matter?

Inconvenient Connections (R)   -   He's bonded to one woman, involved with another, but situations change. Set before and during Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This is Spock/Chapel and Spock/Valeris, and a bit of a retcon. I had fun with this.

Lifeline (R) All I wanted to do, during these horrible times, was write a nice romantic and sexy Spock/Chapel story. Do you think my muse would let me? No, she had to go and complicate it up so it's not fluff anymore. Hopefully, I will still deliver something sweet.

The Needs of the Many (R)   -   It's an easy philosophy to quote, but to live by? Apologies in advance to any Kuk Sool Won practitioners--if facts are wrong, it's entirely my bad. Bits of hurt/comfort for those who like warnings of such things.

Shanghaied (R)   -   Be careful what you wish for.

Solace (R)   -   Trapped with a Chapel who doesn't remember him on a world built for fighting, Spock tries to determine what's right and what's not. I promise in this Kirk will not steal his woman. For those who are tired of such things.

Someone Else's Wife (R)   -   Valeris betrayed him and Kirk is dead. Spock goes after the one person left to him, who was always there for him. An unhappy marriage won't be much of a barrier to his plans, but there may be more to Christine than he realizes. And he may have to work a lot harder than he ever thought to get her. Spock-Chapel.

Tainted Love (R)   -   Betrayed by their partners after the events in STVI, Spock and Chapel finally turn to each other. But can they shake the past? How fragile is trust?

Part 1
Part 2

Uses for Love (R)   -   It hurts when it's never about you.

Whip Me, Beat Me, Show Me That You Care (R)   -   Sometimes what happened in the past obscures a clear view of the present. Sometimes anger gets in the way of progress. Sometimes you have to shut up to really communicate. This is a flash sequence, and despite the title, this is not about bondage fun, nor in any way 50 Shades of Green, so ummm sorry if you were looking for that LOL.

You Keep Spinning 'Round Me Just the Same (R)   -   Love makes you do the wacky. So does grief. And when the two collide? This is messy as anything. Also a little experimental in the POVs. The title and chapter titles are from the Linkin Park song "Heavy." I was listening to it, and in between being said about Chester, this story occurred to me. This is for Ruth.

Part 1
Part 2


You like it really dark, a little twisted? Try these:

Conduct Unbecoming (R)   -   Dysfunction city here. Post Khitomer and the death of Kirk is always ripe for a nasty turn for Chapel and Spock, but this may be the nastiest (in the mean sense, not the sexy way). I wasn't sure if the muse could deliver a happy ending for this one or not. I won't spoil whether she delivers. Take the ride. Sarek and Uhura shine in their roles and a few original characters got more time than I originally thought they would. Little bit different than my normal Chapel, but this one doesn't have the solace of a romance with Kirk or with Sarek, so straight-up Spock/Chapel shippers should enjoy.

Home Is Where You Are (PG-13)   -   Sometimes talking is easier when you don't say a word. This is a very fluffy short coda to "Conduct Unbecoming" and a belated birthday present for Karika_Z_Dove.

Dream Until Your Dream Comes True (R)   -   What if you got the guy...and it wasn't good?

Excavating for a Mine (R)   -   Time away, in a new place, seems like the perfect way for Christine Chapel to recover from betrayal. But when Spock shows up for the same reason, it is not good. In fact, it's bad.

Not Central

You want something that has moments of Spock/Chapel, but doesn't have to be focused on them (or even, in some cases, give them the happy ending)? Try these:

The Absence of Happiness (PG-13)   -   What if you never felt good enough? What if happy was always out or reach? This is probably more a Chapel piece than a Spock/Chapel piece (although there are definitely elements of that here and there's no Kirk/Chapel for those who are tired of that).

Asunder (R)   -   How Spock went to Gol stories are out there in mass; I've done some of them myself and thought the muse was done with that theme. But I had some insight recently into what might have driven Spock away, and the muse insisted I write it down.

Doomed to Repeat (R)   -   Do people ever really change? This is Kirk-Chapel fic. This is also Spock/Chapel fic. It is not however, Kirk/Spock/Chapel fic--just in case you were waiting for something new on that front.

Featured Attraction (R)   -   She thought sex would open Spock's emotional doors, not slam them all shut.

For the First Time in My Life, I Was Happy (R)   -   I am in debt to a reader for the suggestion to write a story with Leila Kalomi, which I had not done before. Said requestor was most unhappy with where this went. I'm super happy with it. I think it turned out to be balanced and canon-friendly. This is Kirk/Chapel, Spock/Chapel, and Spock/Leila (that's in alpha order, not necessarily how things end).

In Your Bed (R)   -   This is probably as much a character piece as a romance. Definitely a bit experimental--and a format that I think only works in fanfic where we have all the shared references. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Lesser of Two Evils (R)   -   The heart wants what the heart wants. And then real life throws a monkey wrench into that concept. This is very long and very messy. It is Spock/Chapel and Sarek/Chapel (not necessarily in that order) but NOT all three (yes, even I have my limits LOL).

Never Give All The Heart (R)   -   This may be more a character study than a romance. It's Kirk's blackest time, the time on Earth after the first five-year mission. He won't give all his heart to the woman he's with--but does he ever? Once he's back on the ship, can he change? Or is it too late even if he can? This is Kirk/Chapel and Spock/Chapel. It is not all three.

Passion is the Gale (R)   -   Kirk wanted a disfunctional story for him and Chapel. Spock was not interested in being relegated to the sidelines since stories from me are now fewer and farther between. It led to an interesting dynamic. This is a bit of an angstfest.

The Peril of Intervening Between Water and Stone (R)   -   The road to hell and all that. This is Spock/Chapel and Kirk/Chapel, but not all three. Written for Harmony Bites, who provided the plot bunnies. Hope I used them well!

Safe Word (R)   -   The title should give it away. Written with the premise: "It's a flavorful treat but can you make a meal of it?" This is mostly Kirk/Chapel, but there's some Spock/Chapel (and some Spock/Uhura implied, if that's how you like it).

Tainted (R)   -   After the conspiracy and Khitomer, Chapel lives under a cloud of suspicion. Kirk & Spock may be the only ones who can help her get out from under it. But what else do they want? This can go all kinds of ways including Kirk-Spock-Chapel. Be warned.


You want something out there? Try these:

The Me You Never Knew (R)   -   Chapel wants to reminisce. But who is she talking to?

The Truth She Never Knew (R)   -   This is a sequel to "The Me You Never Knew." These characters wanted a little more time. I doubt this will make you like this Chapel any better.

Uneasy Alliances (R)   -   This is an experiment in nonlinear storytelling, and it is definitely different. It's set sometime after STVI and Generations. It was supposed to be a Spock/Chapel. Try it, you might like it.

Older Stuff

You've read all the other stuff, and you don't care if the story is maybe not as "crafted"? Then try these:

After the Madness (R)  (AU)   -   During and after Amok Time.     The burning is over. So what are these feelings Spock has for Christine?

An Accident of Diplomacy (PG-13)   (AU)   -   A routine diplomatic mission is anything but for Spock and Christine as wackiness ensues.

Banshee (PG-13)   (AU)   -   To tell you what this is, would be to give too much away. Suffice it to say it is weird and dark.

Down to the Bone (PG-13)   -   A Pon Farr, a bonding, a rejection, and a disastrous loss. Is there anything left for Christine and Spock?

Extreme Unction (PG-13)   -   A sequel to Toxic and a bridge to the next story... To say more, well, why ruin such a weird little tale?

From the Sky (PG-13)   -   Christine survives a disastrous encounter with Spock, but finds that memories of him haunt her.

Never Leave (R)   -   Set sometime after the events in STVI, Christine has been tortured and no one can reach her but Spock is willing to try. Warning: Hurt/Comfort, this story deals with mature themes and real life issues.

Parallel Universes: Lost in the Bizarro World (R)   (AU)   -   Christine is lost in an alternate reality, where everything is, well, pretty darn weird. This is a satire. A biting one. Hopefully you'll be laughing and not fuming.

Souls in Velvet Night (PG-13)   -   Sequel to "Extreme Unction" and "Toxic." Traces the life of Spock as we never really saw it through both his eyes and Christine's. But where is Christine? This is a different kind of story...prepare yourself for a bizarre, yet interesting, ride.

Time and Distance (R)   -   Every now and then, I get the yen to do a hurt/comfort story. So be warned, this is that sort. But it is also a look at what is, what isn't, and dreams that go on too long.

Toxic (PG-13)   -   After Platonius, Spock wants nothing to do with Christine, until a mission puts them together again, giving him a chance to get to know the real Christine. A darker view of the Spock-Chapel dynamic.

The Spock/Chapel Series

For lack of a better name. These are some of my very first Trek stories. All kinds of mistakes I don't make now, but why not leave it as witness to the progress I've made since 2000. This series is complete.

Negotiations (PG)   -   Set some time after ST:TMP    Spock encounters Christine during trade negotiations with an alien race and they both discover that they've each changed ... in some interesting ways.

Transitions (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Negotiations     Now both assigned to Starfleet headquarters, Spock and Christine resume their courtship until something happens to tear them apart.

Devastation (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Transitions     Reunited after a prolonged separation, Spock and Christine plan their future together, unaware of the disaster that waits just ahead. Set as ST:TWoK starts.

Absolution (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Devastation     Set just before ST:TVH begins, Christine and Spock go their separate ways. Years later, after the Khittomer Accords are signed a reunion finally is possible.


You've read the newer stuff AND the older stuff and you still want more Spock/Chapel, no matter how short? Try these:

Cheaper by the Dozen (G)   -   Challenge: Spock or Christine introduces the other to an aspect of either Vulcan or Terran culture that the other didn't know about before. The story must include the word "hot" and have at least one food mentioned in it.

Kiss Me (PG-13) - Response to a challenge where the story must start with either Spock or Christine saying "Kiss me.

Playing the House (PG-13)   -   Response to a challenge to write a story where Spock and/or Christine lose a bet and must publicly display some previously unmentioned talent.

Soulmates (G)   -   Response to a challenge to write a story where Christine dies. Get your tissues out for this one!

There's a Light (G)   -   Response to a challenge to write a Spock/Chapel story of a page or less, ALL dialogue and nothing but dialogue, that somewhere contains the titles of three current TV shows.

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