Sarek/Chapel Stories

This is for The Original Series only version of Sarek and Chapel--there is another
Sarek/Chapel fic on the 2009 Movie page. This is standalone or duets only. Series are on a new page since they often span pairings.

Stand-Alone Stories

Awkward (R)   -   Because the death of a loved one can make things weird long after it's happened. Why Do You Want Me? (R)   -   Chapel has a question for Sarek. Sequel to "Awkward."

A Friend in Need (R)   -   I am finding myself in love with the Sarek/Chapel pairing and wanted to do something a little less err angty and drastic than their last outing. Or if not less angsty, at least the angst will not come from complications from Spock. A longish one, for those who like a story with a little meat on its bones.

The Lesser of Two Evils (R)   -   The heart wants what the heart wants. And then real life throws a monkey wrench into that concept. This is very long and very messy. It is Spock/Chapel and Sarek/Chapel (not necessarily in that order) but NOT all three (yes, even I have my limits LOL).

Only So Much Room in the Heart (R)   -   Been a while since I wrote a new fic. I've got several other going, but this one wanted to go first. I'm pretty obsessed right now with Sarek/Chapel, not just because I find it a hot pairing, but because it lets me turn a slightly different lens on the main characters as well as the supporting cast. It's fun to see from a different vantage point. Hope you like.

The Way You Keep the World at Bay for Me (R)   -   Sarek is struggling with the loss of Amanda. Chapel is at the end of an unhappy marriage. Can they help each other heal? Spock and Uhura have a big role but not the adversarial one they sometimes do in my fics, so if you are looking for something less dysfunctional, you might find this a breath of fresh air.

Worn Paper Dolls (R)   -   Blame Rob Thomas for this. His song "Paper Dolls" is a favorite and it made me think of doing this. I've written enough fics, I hope, that show my true love of Sarek and Amanda, that readers will indulge me for this very messy story. Because there are some inherent problems with a Vulcan/Human relationship. And we mostly turn a blind eye. (Nothing non-consensual here--this isn't about abuse.) This is long--a novella, really. If you're a diehard Sarek/Amanda shipper and hate the thought of anything else, best skip this.


For more Sarek/Chapel, check out the "Life is Messy" series. It'll take a while to get to the Sarek/Chapel part. Skip to "To Belong to Someone" and "I Just Had a Feeling" if you only want the Sarek/Chapel, but it won't make much sense if you skip the others.

You might also want to check out "The Problem of Being Human" over on the Assorted TOS Stories page. It's not exclusively Sarek/Chapel by any stretch of the imagination, but may scratch an itch you didn't know you had.

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