Sarek/Chapel Stories

This is for The Original Series only version of Sarek and Chapel--there is another
Sarek/Chapel fic on the 2009 Movie page. This is standalone or duets only. Series are on a new page since they often span pairings.

Stand-Alone Stories

Awkward (R)   -   Because the death of a loved one can make things weird long after it's happened. Why Do You Want Me? (R)   -   Chapel has a question for Sarek. Sequel to "Awkward."

A Friend in Need (R)   -   I am finding myself in love with the Sarek/Chapel pairing and wanted to do something a little less err angty and drastic than their last outing. Or if not less angsty, at least the angst will not come from complications from Spock. A longish one, for those who like a story with a little meat on its bones.

The Lesser of Two Evils (R)   -   The heart wants what the heart wants. And then real life throws a monkey wrench into that concept. This is very long and very messy. It is Spock/Chapel and Sarek/Chapel (not necessarily in that order) but NOT all three (yes, even I have my limits LOL).

Only So Much Room in the Heart (R)   -   Been a while since I wrote a new fic. I've got several other going, but this one wanted to go first. I'm pretty obsessed right now with Sarek/Chapel, not just because I find it a hot pairing, but because it lets me turn a slightly different lens on the main characters as well as the supporting cast. It's fun to see from a different vantage point. Hope you like.

Worn Paper Dolls (R)   -   Blame Rob Thomas for this. His song "Paper Dolls" is a favorite and it made me think of doing this. I've written enough fics, I hope, that show my true love of Sarek and Amanda, that readers will indulge me for this very messy story. Because there are some inherent problems with a Vulcan/Human relationship. And we mostly turn a blind eye. (Nothing non-consensual here--this isn't about abuse.) This is long--a novella, really. If you're a diehard Sarek/Amanda shipper and hate the thought of anything else, best skip this.


For more Sarek/Chapel, check out the "Life is Messy" series. It'll take a while to get to the Sarek/Chapel part. Skip to "To Belong to Someone" and "I Just Had a Feeling" if you only want the Sarek/Chapel, but it won't make much sense if you skip the others.

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