Kirk/Spock/Chapel Stories

Because I love me this threesome.

Chain Reaction (R)   -   A mission goes wrong in so many ways. This is Kirk/Chapel. It may be Kirk/Spock/Chapel, or it may not.

Dinner at the Sareks (R)   -   It's mostly silly--an awkward family dinner at the Vulcan embassy made more so by the fact that it's Thanksgiving and Kirk's girlfriend is sick of him--but others aren't. Kirk/Spock/Chapel (Short Story/2,300 words)

Midnight Musings (R)   -   Got an urge to write the three of these guys together. Just a short little piece to satisfy an itch. I think it works whether you come to the rodeo for K/Ch, S/Ch, or K/S.

Nearest Distant Shore (R)   -   Sometimes to get away from one thing, you'll reach for the next closest thing. This is Kirk-Chapel and Spock-Chapel,and there are so many other ways this could go, including a threesome, that I'm putting it here in case that squicks you, but I'm not promising that's where this goes. People are a bit angry here--or at least a couple of them

The Untold Story--Many of Them Actually (R)   -   A death can change things. But sometimes the stories aren't what we think. Love isn't always simple. This is experimental. A longer explanation about how and why is at the start of the story. For those who've wished I'd do more Kirk/Spock, this might scratch that itch. For those who like Spock/Chapel, Kirk/Chapel, or all three, this also might be of interest.

Under Duress (R)   -   This is a new Kirk/Spock/Chapel, unrelated to the ongoing series. I felt like twisting them in a new way.

The Three's Apparently Not a Crowd Series

This is Kirk/Spock/Chapel. Some installments are serious. Some are humorous. Hopefully all are enjoyable. This is an active series and I add stories every so often.

Forgotten (R)   -   Stranded and apparently forgotten on a frozen world, three crewmates learn to survive.

Remembered (R)   -   Sequel to Forgotten. What happens when you come back home?

Man and Man and Wife (R)   -   Our intrepid threesome explores a new frontier: getting married. With apologies to: "Father of the Bride," "The Wedding Planner," "Romancing the Stone," "Summer Lovers," and "Murphy's Romance." No weddings or wedding planners were harmed in the making of this story. The use of illegal substances is not encouraged. Professional fictional characters at work: Do Not Try This at Home.

And V'Ger Makes Four (R)   -   The threesome takes on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This follows on the heels of "Man and Man and Wife."

Still Life in Triplicate (R)   -   Because life isn't always about the big moments. Sequel to "And V'Ger Makes Four."

Nothing's Perfect (R)   -   This deals with mature themes--more than usual with this trio. Life has been good to the trio--they've had some bumps from the outside but never a challenge to their relationship. Now they will, and it will come from the last place they expect. This is more explicit and brutal than I usually get, but there is a logic to that and nothing non-con.

Hellcat (R)   -   Their marriage was severely tested during the Pon Farr, but things have been good since then. One little girl can't change all that--can she? (Usually I only do these in Chapel's POV but another character needed a voice, so this is a little more experimental than others in the series.)

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