Kirk/Spock/Chapel Stories

Because I love me this threesome. This is standalone or duets only. Series are on a new page since they often span pairings.

Chain Reaction (R)   -   A mission goes wrong in so many ways. This is Kirk/Chapel. It may be Kirk/Spock/Chapel, or it may not.

Midnight Musings (R)   -   Got an urge to write the three of these guys together. Just a short little piece to satisfy an itch. I think it works whether you come to the rodeo for K/Ch, S/Ch, or K/S.

Nearest Distant Shore (R)   -   Sometimes to get away from one thing, you'll reach for the next closest thing. This is Kirk-Chapel and Spock-Chapel,and there are so many other ways this could go, including a threesome, that I'm putting it here in case that squicks you, but I'm not promising that's where this goes. People are a bit angry here--or at least a couple of them

The Untold Story--Many of Them Actually (R)   -   A death can change things. But sometimes the stories aren't what we think. Love isn't always simple. This is experimental. A longer explanation about how and why is at the start of the story. For those who've wished I'd do more Kirk/Spock, this might scratch that itch. For those who like Spock/Chapel, Kirk/Chapel, or all three, this also might be of interest.

The "Three's Apparently Not a Crowd" Series

See the Series page for this.

Under Duress (R)   -   This is a new Kirk/Spock/Chapel, unrelated to the ongoing series. I felt like twisting them in a new way.

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