DC Superhero Stories

There are enough stories that it's getting a little hard to find things. So I've reorganized. There's a section for those who want SM/WW and one for those who crave more BM/WW. Also a section for stuff that is a little of both--or something else entirely. Be warned, just because something is in one section doesn't mean you won't find a little bit of the other ship thrown in too. I can't help it. It's hard for me to choose.

The Arrow-Verse

Failing (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- Major Spoilers for season 1 finale "Sacrifice." Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled for the season & the finale. This is a "Sacrifice" post ep. What happens next? I ship Oliver/Felicity so I've tagged it that way, but this isn't necessarily shippy since I'm trying to do a look at the first few hours after the events in the finale. (Posted 5/25/13)

He Needs You (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- This contains spoilers for both seasons of Arrow, from "Unthinkable" backwards. It's a little post-finale story. Takes place after what we saw at the end of "Unthinkable." Sara told Laurel that Oliver needs her. Why? And how does Felicity figure in all this? I ship Olicity, so if you don't dig that pairing, this may not be your thing, although I try to be fair to all the gals.

Family Ties (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- This has major spoilers for "The Climb," and also, of course, for the rest of the show. Don't read if you want to stay unspoiled. I didn't buy one aspect of the episode. My muse wanted to write about it. So here goes. Thea centered.

When Others Sleep (R)   -   Legends of Tomorrow with a little bit of Arrow Season 6 -- This is OBE now, but still, I dig Mick and Sara together--they have a very fun chemistry. Spoilers through the season 3 episode "Beebo, the God of War."

Superman/Wonder Woman

Clean Hands and Broken Hearts (PG-13)   -   The ongoing Infinite Crisis arc has me down. This is my take--probably an AU--on how it ends. If you are holding off on reading the Countdown to Infinite Crisis books until they are in one volume, best skip this one. Lots of spoilers.

Dead and Buried (PG-13)   -   Kingdom Come missing scenes and coda, Because I wasn't sure what was really going on with Wonder Woman and Superman at the end.

The Death of Old Worlds (PG-13)   -   I'm pretty cheesed that WW226 is going to be our final issue of the current series. I'm even more angered at what DC is doing to my comic universe. The spoilers abound; I'm ignoring some, incorporating some, and in some ways trying to make sense of the preview covers dcomics.com has up for WW225 and 226 and SM225. There may be spoilers here--or I may be dead wrong. But I'm happy--er.

Handmaidens of Divine Whimsy (PG-13)   -   This goes with the Elseworlds book, JLA: Act of God. I didn't like a lot of that story, and this is my attempt to make what they did (to Diana especially) a bit more palatable--at least to me. I stuck with canon as far as the major pieces, but I played with the rest--and some supporting characters made out like bandits. I don't think you have to have read the comic to get this.

Heart's Desire (R)   -   This follows the current arc and may be an AU. Superman/Wonder Woman fic.

Immortal Beloved - The Scenes in Between (PG-13)   -   In Action Comics #761, Wonder Woman and Superman were stuck in Asgard for one thousand years. They didn't give us much of those years, so this is my take on it. (Text in italics is from the comic, as is a small bit of dialogue near the end. The rest is my interpretation of how this might have gone...)

Moving On (PG)   -   This has spoilers for Superman Returns. Go see the movie before you read this. Unlike my other Superman Returns fic, this goes a SM/WW way.

Nothing Left to Lose (PG-13)   -   This Crisis mega-arc has me a bit worried. All kinds of rumors going around. I worry for my favorites. And I'm intrigued by the cover over at DCcomics.com of WW 219. So this is total speculation (and course correction before the event LOL). No spoilers cuz I'm making this all up to preserve my sanity.

Something to Build (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Nothing Left to Lose (now safely in the AU category since the spoilers were oh so wrong). This takes place the next morning.

One Last Goodbye (PG-13)   -   I dont' know if there are spoilers here or not. Probably so for IC5 or for WW226 or just for the general tone of the thing. Anyway, it's me working out my angst again over DC's new direction.

Peering Through Splintered Glass (R)   -   Not sure where this one came from. It's darkish, it's weird, it's from Batman's POV, and it's probably an AU--some world before the current arc, anyway.

Redesign (PG-13)   -   This is a little bit of extra scene from JLA 50-54 (also the last half of the collection "Divided We Fall.") I was aiming for fluff, I think the most I achieved was fluffy-flavored angst. : ) For those who read "Minefields," this follows on the heels of that. If you didn't read it, don't worry about it.

Redesign Remixed (R)   -   This is a follow-on to "Redesign" and an AU. The characters were not happy with how "Redesign" or canon went. This assumes the reintegraion didn't take place when it did, and that Clark and Lois did go on that little vacation...and it wasn't so good.

Superheroes (PG)   -   The aftermath of yet another crisis. Two heroes remain behind. They always remain behind. For each other.

Batman/Wonder Woman

His First (R)   -   A challenge story. Bruce's first time. There were other wacky parameter we won't go into. Humor (or at least I like to think parts of it are funny).

Mating Displays (PG-13)   -   I'm sick of Infinite Crisis. So I offer this straight-up, unapologetic BM/WW outing. I've been told it's somewhat humorous.

Pas de Deux (R)   -   No real reason for this. Except that sometimes you just want to read sappy, silly BM/WW stuff.

Reflecting on Forgiveness (PG-13)   -   The ongoing Infinite Crisis arc has me down. This is my take--probably an AU--on how it ends only with a Batman flavor instead of the Superman one of "Clean Hands and Broken Hearts." If you are holding off on reading the Countdown to Infinite Crisis books until they are in one volume, best skip this one. Lots of spoilers.

Rules of Engagement (PG-13)   -   Love is a battlefield. (But not in a dark way.)

Curious about what Superman said to Batman after Wonder Woman stormed out? Read the missing scene.

Seeing Beyond Tomorrow (R)   -   This is a BM/WW (I've embraced the dark side!) missing scene that takes place between Superman 636 and Wonder Woman 212.

Stakeout (PG-13)   -   Because, at the end of the day, Batman is still just a guy.

When Amazons Attack (PG-13)   -   This is a very silly response to an Adrian Tullberg challenge to make BM or WW so wasted that the other one has to take them home, and things are said that might not have been--you get the idea. BM/WW. (Posted 8/6/06)

Something Else, or a Little of Both, or Eventually One or the Other but a Nice Ride Anyway

Beyond Meta, or What the Hell Are They Doing to Us? (R)   -   I was getting a little tired of the depressing attempts to keep up with DC's Infinite Crisis. So this is a meta (and hopefully funny) view of the whole thing. Spoilers for the current DC arc, and for anyone who is working their way through Buffy and/or Angel for the first time.

Lament of the Meta (R)   -   Sequel to Beyond Meta. WW 226--the last issue of her book--left me cold. Left some others cold, too.

Critical Mass (PG-13)   -   The characters--especially Lois--are very tired of what I've put them through. They wanted something goofy and begged me to find my funny bone. I think this dialogue-only piece qualifies. Hope you agree.

Exorcising Demons (R)   -   This was a request for a story about Diana's loves and sexuality. A request to cover the waterfront--and be specific (requestor had noticed I tend to distance myself from Diana's romances with other POVs or second-person hijinks LOL). So, Miriam, this is for you. It's got something for everyone--BM/WW and SM/WW shippers should be happy.

Faster than Paradise (PG-13)   -   This is a Flash/Wonder Woman fic. Mainly because I didn't know if I could do these two. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Intervention (PG-13)   -   This was a response to a challenge to write a Wonder Woman/Alfred fic. Yep, you read that right. This is dialogue only, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Love's Rampant Fury (PG-13)   -   Badfic by design. A challenge story--written in the Bulwer Litton tradition (It was a dark and stormy night...) and with all possible irreverence. I also was trying to turn over a new leaf--no more angst-filled deaths of characters who stand in the way of Kal and Diana's happiness.

Minefields (R)   -   Takes place during the events of Legends of the DC Universe 30-32: "The 18th Letter." The comic was a little vague on what was meant by "one night." But I refuse to believe that all the sturm und drang surrounding Alcmaeon's proposal was from a request to spend the evening roasting smores.

Resigned to Nothing (R)   -   These are a couple missing scenes from Superman 636 and Wonder Woman 212. What happened after that discussion in the Fortress and after the JLA test. It's shippy for both Bats and Supes.

Strangers (PG-13)   -   This has spoilers, so if you are in the process of catching up on the IC finale or the 1-year-later world, you might want to skip this till you're done. That said, I didn't like how IC ended. This is me fixing it.

The Return of a Friend (PG)   -   This has major, major spoilers for Superman Returns. Go see the movie before you read this. I wanted a look at what the rest of the League--especially Wonder Woman and Batman--were doing during the movie.

Trine (PG-13)   -   This happens after the war--if resolution is just beating OMACs, not a bunch of new (or old) universes possibly popping (back) intoexistence. And this doesn't really mind the many threads; it's as if the big three are all that matter, which, for me, they are. It should work no matter which ship you fly.

Waiting for the Sun (PG)   -   Something different, sweeter, maybe sadder. Two friends as we may not have seen them before. It's set sometime in a non Infinite Crisis arc.

Letting the Light In (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Waiting for the Sun. Hopefully still touching and sweet but maybe not so sad.

Trinity--and We're Not Kidding about the Number Three (or even Four)

One, Two, Three (R)   -   They're just good friends. Very good friends. Amazingly goodfriends. This is BM/SM/WW--best look away if you don't think good things come in threes.

We Belong Together (R)   -   I didn't like the ending of the WW Trinity two-parter (issue 140/141). Found it quite sad...and not the note I wanted Diana to end it on. And the boys agreed. ::evil, evil grin:: All I can say is they should never have called it "Trinity" if they didn't want to see a BM/SM/WW story show up someday.

The Trinity Series--some are funny, some are not

Trinity Schminity (PG-13)   -   Very silly look at "The Trinity." Where else can you go but a sillyfic for UST and milk and cookies?

Trinity and Then Some (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity Schminity." For those who wanted to see that double date. Still in a humorous vein.

Trinity Repercussions (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity and Then Some." For those who want to see what happens when they're not on that planet. Not a funny piece.

Trinity: Two by Four (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity: Repercussions." The angst goes on. Sorry, this isn't really funny anymore, although maybe this has its moments.

Trinity: Favorite Things -- Continuing the Trinity saga with a work in progress series. The titles are from a certain song. This goes all over the place, so if you aren't in the mood for some slash with your het, might want to move it along.

Part 1: Raindrops on Roses (R)   -   Clark and Bruce have a chance to reconnect.
Part 2: And Whiskers on Kittens (R)   -   Diana and Lois's turn.
Part 3: Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens (R)   -   A new voice in what I hope is a touching segment

The Sea King and the Amazon Princess Series
A lot of people pass this by, but there's good stuff here--on Batman and Superman too, not just Aquaman.

Water,Water Everywhere (R)   -   I was intrigued with the Aquaman - Wonder Woman segment at the end of the Tower of Babel collection. Especially given the later Aquaman/Wonder Woman moment that rated an entire page in the Divided We Fall collection. She seemed to know exactly who he was and what he'd done before she was even fully awake. Which got me thinking. This scene happens between the two collections.

When You're Letting Go (PG-13)   -   Actions have repercussions, or at least cause lots of gooey angst. This time the spotlight is on the Man of Steel. This takes place around JLA 50 or so, after the fairy tale thing, but before the split apart thing.

Watching (PG-13)   -   Sequel to When You're Letting Go. It's Batman's turn to talk. This takes place around JLA 50 or so, after the fairy tale thing, but before the split apart thing.

Witness to Love (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Watching. Aquaman speaks. This takes place between JLA 54 and 55 (or between Divided We Fall and Terror Incognita, if you have the collections).

Welcome No More (R)   -   Sequel to Witness to Love. Where do they go from here? This one takes place before JLA 55, and between WW 170 and 171.

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