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Resistance is Never Futile

By Djinn



Kirk was sitting with Spock in a quiet corner of the officer's lounge when he felt someone drape themself over him.  "Uh....hello."


"Jim."  The voice wonderfully familiar, the drunken slur not so much.  Since when did Chris not carry antitox everywhere?  "Hon?"


"Hi, Sweetie."  She slid into his lap and smiled at Spock.  "Hi to you too, handsome."


"You are inebriated, Christine."


She reached out, and Kirk saw her slip something into Spock's hand.  "Don't look at that in here.  Stash it in one of your super secret pockets."


Kirk grinned.  It was an old joke among the three of them at the number of pockets Vulcan robes managed to hide.  "You're not really drunk.  You may be acting your amazing ass off, but you lack the boneless quality of true sheets to the wind."


"We were called off Danaria because the Danarians decided it was more important to attack a defenseless neighboring planet than work with us to improve conditions enough to qualify for associate Federation membership."




"The defenseless planet is putting up one hell of a fight. But it's only a matter of time. Unless say a ship leaving in an hour or so, a ship with wide latitude in how it gets from point a to b--and oh by the way Danaria and this planet are right between those two points--interfered. Subtly of course."


He could feel her tense. 


"Guys, I know what I'm saying is career ending for us if we get caught.  I know you love me but if you don't want to do this, I'm okay with that.  I'll find others who will."


Spock reached over and tipped up her chin, studying her and no doubt reading her.  "I too am tired of death..  Endless negotiations that appear promising but end in carnage."  He glanced at the paper despite her instructions to wait.  "The command codes of the Danarians?"


"They love conformity. In their politics and in how they encrypt their war machines.  And they're not very imaginative when it comes to how much access someone might have if they, oh, got those codes from a friend of a friend of a very naughty woman I once saved." 


She pulled away and moved to the seat next to Kirk, staring at him in the same relentless way she did when she was trying to pull out some secret from him.  "Are you in?"


He looked at Spock, assessing, their unspoken communication as easy as ever.


Spock steepled his fingers as he considered. "It would take but a moment to send an encoded blast.  Provided we were close enough to the planet. A variety of malfunctions could occur.  Not life support, of course.  But navigation, weapons.  It would be, as Doctor McCoy might say, child's play."


It was so tempting, but... "The prime directive..."


She leaned in.  "Was written by a bunch of academics and politicians.  People who never once set foot on ground soaked in blood."


He pushed back her hair and drank in the sight of her, inhaled the perfume she knew was his favorite.  "No. I can't.  I won't. It's against the prime directive.  I've lived my life bound by it--and yes, it really fucking stinks sometimes to not be able to do anything, but it's our guiding principle." He took a deep breath. "If I ever think for a moment that you're engaged in this, I'll turn you in to security.  I love you, but this is not the way."  He turned to Spock. "The same goes for you.  You're both my everything.  But some things come before love."


"Duty." She nearly spat it at him.


"Duty," Spock repeated with a sheepish look.  "I let emotion carry me into inappropriate territory."


They sat for a moment in silence.


"Satisfied, Commander Chapel?"  A new voice, also familiar. 


Kirk turned to see Admiral Morrow behind him, smiling broadly.  "I told you Jim wasn't the one interfering."


"And you were right."  She touched Kirk's cheek.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't think it was you.  I swear it. But, I've been fooled before.  Roger...". She looked down.  "We had to know."


"I understand.  I'm just relieved you didn't really want to do it."  He glanced at Spock.  "We might need to discuss your level of burn-out from these side missions for diplomatic."


Morrow slapped him gently on the back.  "I have faith that Commander Spock would have seen the illogic of his actions before he took them.  Well, I'll let you three enjoy the time you have left before the Enterprise leaves."  And he was gone.


"Do you forgive me?" Chris said as she pressed herself against him, her kiss deep and sensual.


As she pulled away, he murmured, "Yes," and Spock reached over, taking her hand.


"The real command codes this time, I hope?" Spock said in the whisper the three of them had perfected when they'd been drawn together after his death, before they'd gone public.


Kirk mock pouted. "Damn well better be.  We gave up sex for this little stunt of yours, Chris."


"I had to get the focus off you. They're looking at Styles.  I may have aimed them that way."


"You're horrible."  But he was laughing.  She was horrible in the best way.


"I'lll miss the sex, but some things come before love."  She grinned, a one-sided expression, the one that meant disappointment but acceptance. "Do you think Morrow would believe this was your idea, not ours?"


"Nyah.  I'm by the book."


Spock raised an eyebrow. "If the book was full of nothing but loopholes and escape clauses."


"That was a good one. Your sense of humor is definitely coming back."  She leaned over and kissed him.  It was a good kiss and Kirk enjoyed watching them, wished he could watch them--and not just watch--for longer.  But the ship needed to go. 


And they didn't need to be close to Danaria for Spock's code to work.  Spock had mapped out a dizzying route of communications buoys used by the Orion Syndicate to send the encoded packets.  The Danarians had bought weapons from the Orions.  They'd think nothing of a routine software update.  An update that would blow their systems all to hell in a way the hacker network that hated the Orion Syndicate was known to do. Immobilize the war effort without putting Danarian civilians at risk.  Spock's logic was so damn sexy when it was this devious.


Should it worry him how good his lovers were at this?  Nyah.  It just made loving them even better. "I love you two."


"We know," Chris and Spock said as one.  It took some mock pouting to get them to say they loved him back.


But that was merely a formality.  They were in this together. All three of them wanting to do something.  All of them had seen too much--lost too much--not to help.


They'd do what they could.  Direct action was out but they were three really smart people. What was a little sabotage to save millions of lives? 


He'd risk it. He knew they would too. They'd risk everything to help.


It was who they were.