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Kiss Me

by Djinn


This is a response to a challenge posted in the SpockandChristine mailing list. Story had to begin with either Spock or Christine saying "Kiss me."


"Kiss me."

Christine looked up at Spock, startled. "The Horta said 'Kiss me?'"

"Yes. She was extremely grateful."

"You kind of left that part out. I thought she just liked your ears."

"Well there was that too."

Christine shifted in Spock's arms. He allowed her to find a more comfortable position then wrapped himself around her again.

"Hmm. Did you?"

"Kiss her?"



He nuzzled her neck.

"What about Droxine?"


"You remember. The bimbo on the cloud planet?"

"I am fully aware of who Droxine is. I am unsure where you are going with this line of questioning."

Christine shivered as Spock hit a ticklish area on her neck.

"Did you kiss her?"

"Why would I have kissed her?"

"She wanted you to."

"You were not there. I fail to see how you could know that."

Christine turned back and faced Spock. She kissed him soundly. "Everyone wants to kiss you, Spock. I bet there are whole groups of women fantasizing about you, writing nasty little stories about kissing you...and worse."

Spock looked at her sternly, "Do not let your imagination run away with you, Christine."

She laughed and leaned back into him. *Yes,* he sent her, *Kiss me.*