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Boys Are Mean

by Djinn



"You think you can tear 

yourself away from our

patient long enough

to help me? Spock's fine."


Don't look like that—

like I'm a monster.

Why can't you see...me?


"Hey, you managed

to get through a whole

shift without

mentioning Spock.''


Have you finally come to your

senses? What do I have to do

to make you notice me?


"Oh so you're leaving the ship

right after Spock abandons his

humanity. Guess he's the only

reason you had to stay?"


Jim's leaving, too.

We could start over,

Christine, if you'd just stay.


"Looks like nothing's

changed—could you

have squeaked any

louder when you saw him?"


Darlin', I know I'm taking your

slot but give me a chance this time.

No, don't leave again.


"Funny how you were

so hot to get your M.D.

and now you're

not even using it."


You look so good, so light.

How can you be so

happy when I miss you so?


"So, are you going to start

mooning over me too now,

that I've hosted Spock's katra

and lived to tell about it?"


Oh, yeah, you did host his 

consciousness, didn't you?

I guess that makes us even.


"I wasn't sure I'd ever see

our time—or you—again.

So here goes: I love you.

I know you don't care, but I do."


Thank God I said I'd go on this stupid

camping trip so I don’t have to

think about what I said to you.


"Yeah, our shakedown cruise

did go sideways. Wait—you're

serious? You do? No, I don't

have something smart to say."


My God you feel good; I could

hold you all night. And those

lips—better than I imagined.


"Your place or mine? Yours,

darlin'. Yes, I am going to

hold your hand. I've waited

a long damn time for this."


And it was worth the wait.

That smile, the way my name

sounds when you come—heaven.


"I wish I'd been brave enough

to tell you how I felt when

I first felt it. Would it

have made a difference to you?"


No? I didn't think so.

Oh well, at least we have now.

It's more than I ever expected.


And it's wonderful.