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There's a lot of fic here. If you aren't sure what to read, were the top twenty stories (as of 5 April 2013)
and some of my favs that you may not be reading. For the newest stories, check out the New Stuff page.

The Overall Top Twenty

(As of 5 April 2013)
My hosting service stopped giving me stats, so these are dated, but may still be useful if you are trying to figure out where to start.

Man and Man and Wife (R) TOS
It's funny, it's a bit nasty, and it's a threesome that so shouldn't work. But...they do. Give it a try. There are two stories that come before this one--look for "Forgotten" and "Remembered" (on the Original Series page).
Never and Always Touching and Touched (R) TOS
This is the fifth story in The Angst Series (the second story "Dregs" pops on and off this list, but it and the others can be found on the Original Series page). I never expected my first and only foray into this pairing to be this popular. Not that I mind...
Frostbite (PG-13) TOS
This is a very gentle and romantic story, and the Spock/Chapel dynamic is one of my favorites of the stories I've done. It was inspired by a blizzard and iffy heat in my apartment.
Blood Ties Part 1 (PG-13) TOS
I really wanted to do something special with this one, and I think at the time, it was the most ambitious project I'd tried. Even though I cringe a little at the crafstmanship since it was an early work, I'm still very proud of where it goes and how it twists around.
Mazes of a Nightmare (R) TOS
Where does a nightmare end, and reality begin? This is hurt-comfort, but much more than that too. This was the most read story for some time; it's slipped a little, but its staying power amazes me. I never expected it to be as popular as it is.
Not All At Once (PG-13) TOS
This is a companion piece to "Weeds," Rabble Rouser's award-winning Marla McGivers story and you should really read that first. This is from Khan's perspective. It's dark.
Joining (R) TOS
This is a long story with a different dynamic than I usually go for. This isn't my normal sassy Chapel, I wanted to explore how it can take time for "with someone" to really mean "together."
Day of the Dead (PG) VOY
One of my favorites for this pairing. One of the first times I tried to make the setting come alive, plus it seemed to go with Chakotay so nicely.
Disinheriting the Meek (R) TOS
Sometimes the meek don't inherit the Earth. I wanted a totally different dynamic for this Spock/Chapel story. And I ended up with something I liked a lot--especially for the rather unconventional Chapel/male pairing in it.
Exorcising Demons (R) DC
This is one of the stories I'm most proud of. It's not always easy to explain why a story merits pride, maybe it's the scope of this one? Maybe it's that, using first person POV, which I do very rarely, I had to go a little deeper into Diana's head and heart? I don't know, but I love it. It was a request from a reader who wanted to explore Diana's sexuality. I am in her debt.
Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (R) TOS
The first Kirk/Chapel story I ever wrote. Originally designed just to be a prequel to something referenced in the Carter series, it took on a life of its own and spawned a series--and a whole lot of other K/Ch stories. Which some might think is great (and others not so much).
They All Fall Down (PG-13) TOS
This story rose very quickly to the top twenty when I wrote it at a timeI wasn't sure there'd still be a market for this ship--the very first Trek ship I wrote in--or that I could find a new way to spin these two. Nice to know I was wrong on both counts.
And V'Ger Makes Four (R) TOS
The fourth in the Kirk/Spock/Chapel series. The threesome takes on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
Ripening (R) VOY
This is my most recent excursion into J/C-dom (recent being 2005). It's a way post Endgame look at this couple, and it's from Chuckle's POV--I really didn't like what they did to his character.
Clean Hands, Broken Hearts (PG-13) DC
Set during Infinite Crisis, this is my way of dealing with what they were doing to Diana and how sanctimonious they were making her so-called best friends when they turned their backs on her.
Dream Until Your Dream Comes True (R) TOS
What if you got the guy, and it wasn't good? This is wicked dark. And probably what happens if you listen to "Dream On" over and over and over... I particularly like the version by Fisher--if you have it, or the classic version, slap it on while you read this.
Nurse (PG-13) TOS
The first story in the Occupations series. I wanted to follow canon in this one, take a look at Chapel's diverse career over the course of the series/movies, and see if I could fit the Kirk/Chapel dynamic into the whole thing while staying in the lines. It was so much fun.
Excavating for a Mine (R) TOS
This story was a look at what would happen if Spock and Chapel were really damaged when they came together. It's nasty (in every sense of that word) but still very fun. One of my favorite Spock/Chapel stories.
Dregs (PG-13) TOS
Some stories are straightforward things--plot, dialogue, going somewhere. Others come out more like poems. The language almost seems more important than where it goes. This story was like that for me. It's part of a larger series that includes Never and Always Touching and Touched, which seems to live near the top of this list.
Handmaidens of Divine Whimsy (PG-13) DC
This goes with the Elseworlds book, JLA: Act of God. I didn't like a lot of that story, and this is my attempt to make what they did (to Diana especially) a bit more palatable--at least to me. I stuck with canon as far as the major pieces, but I played with the rest--and some supporting characters made out like bandits. I don't think you have to have read the comic to get this.

Stories I Wish People were Reading

Some of these are fav stories of mine and are also being read by lots of others. Others I love, and maybe they aren't so popular--overlooked, or just not very popular pairings, or out-there concepts. For whatever reason, these are some of the other stories I wish you were reading.

Star Trek - TOS Recs

Asunder (R)   -   I had an epiphany over why Spock went to Gol. ST:TMP was set in a period where it seemed like all the relationships had fallen apart; I've dealt with that before, but this seemed like a slightly different take on it. It wasn't supposed to feature Chapel. You can imagine how that went over--and how well I managed to keep her out.

Not in the Nest (R)   -   What would make Kirk break his rule about not on his ship? A Kirk/Chapel story that I'm unduly partial to.

Parallels and Intersections (PG-13)   -   This is one of my personal favorites in the Kirk/Chapel standalones. It starts from early in the five-year mission and runs through STV. It was a total bitch tracking canon this way, but in the end I thought it made for a satisfying story.

Pitching Woo (R)   -   This is fun, it's a return to my bantery roots with Spock and Chapel, and there's a cat that took up way more word count than I meant it to.

Reopening Old Wounds (R)   -   I love this because of the dynamic of old lovers forced together when they weren't quite finished. I love that it follows Wrath of Khan through The Voyage Home. I love what it has to say about leadership and competition. And mostly I just love this Kirk and Chapel.

The Slayer Series (see the page link on the left navigation frame). It helps if you're a Buffy/Angel fan, but I know people who've enjoyed this series who didn't watch the other shows. I'm partial to the Lost Years part of the saga, but you sort of need to read from the beginning to understand that.

Snowflakes (PG-13)   -   I love this Kirk/Chapel story for the silly humor and the sweet, tired energy of these two in this outing. One of my favorite outings for this pairing.

Trekki's Stories (see the page link on the left navigation frame). She's hilarious when she wants to be. Chilling at other times.

Uneasy Alliances (R)   -   This is new and doing quite well for a just-posted story. It's structure is experimental, and it's not exactly a Spock/Chapel story, despite having elements of that. Those who've liked it, really loved it. (People run hot or cold on this one--no middle ground.) It was inspired by the format of the movie 11:14.

Star Trek - Reboot (Trek 2009)

Rainy Night in Georgia (R)   -   I don't know how many realize I'm not much of a McCoy fan when it comes to TOS, but I am loving the new reboot McCoy (having loved Karl Urban in Xena does not hurt at all). So I've put him with Chapel, and you can find those on the Reboot page, but I also adore this story and the threesome of Jim and Chapel and Bones. How they are not just friends but very good friends.

What Makes You Stay? (R)   -   Reboot Fic. What makes her stay? Pike/Number One with the reboot kids horning in on the plot way too much. This is my favorite reboot story, it just may be one of my favorite Trek stories I've done. The ensemble aspect. The love shown in so many ways. The desperate need to be let in--and to keep pain out. Ir resonated with me when I wrote it and still does.

Star Trek - Other Series Recs

Echoes and Voices (PG-13)   -   TNG - Post-Nemesis. Because my score says it's two bad Picards to one good guy.

Gee Whiz! (PG-13)   -   ENT - This parody worked well when I still liked the show, even better once I gave it up. Think Mad Magazine or a Saturday Night Live skit.

Someone to Watch Over Me (PG-13)   -   TNG - Because Picard/Crusher touched me. Even if I couldn't come up with a happier situation to write about. A few small Nemesis spoilers.

Other Fandoms

Extended Absence (R) DEAD LIKE ME - This story is new and my only outing into this fandom. I loved trying to hit George's and Rube's voices, and keeping faithful to the hilariously cynical yet sweet moments in this wonderful, if short-lived, show.

Firely/Serenity stories - Because hitting these voices is damned hard, and I think they're nailed here. Two Firefly stories: Downtime and Playing with Fire take place after the series but before the movie. They've got some nice Mal/Inara moments, and another unexpected (at least to me) pairing. The movie inspired an operative story, The Road to Heaven is Paved in Blood, and a Zoe story that I really love, Old Soldiers Never Die. They're all on the Firefly page.

Immortal Beloved - The Scenes in Between (PG-13)   -   DC COMICS - In Action Comics #761, Wonder Woman and Superman were stuck in Asgard for one thousand years. They didn't give us much of those years, so this is my take on it. (Text in italics is from the comic, as is a small bit of dialogue near the end. The rest is my interpretation of how this might have gone...) I stayed in the lines, which meant I had to work like a dog to explain how Supes can ignore Wonder Woman for that long and still have a libido.

Legacy of War (PG-13)   -   M*A*S*H - I only ever do Hawkeye/Margaret, so nothing new there. But this one is, I think, the best. Or maybe just the most fleshed out? I took my time with this one.

Many Forms (PG-13)   -   X-FILES - The last seasons were odd enough, then throw in the pregnancy. The one good thing--all Scully's men milling around. Ready to lend a hand--or not.

Not Done Yet (PG)   -   ANGEL - Not Fade Away post-ep. Because we can't just leave them like that...can we?

One Too Many (PG-13)   -   BUFFY - This is Buffy/Giles and I know some don't groove to that. They're grown ups, it's after the series, and it's not in line with the comics (obviously, right?) After the latest of many slayers die, a worried Faith calls Buffy to Cleveland to see if she can talk sense into Giles, who no longer seems to care if he lives or dies.

She Slays Vampires, Doesn't She? (PG)   -   BUFFY - The sixth season was a downer. I had to poke fun to have fun.

"Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot"  -   DEXTER My take on what comes next for Dexter and Deb after the events of the season 7 finale. "Is this a new beginning? Or the beginning of the end?" I don't ship the sibs, so don't expect a white picket fence--plenty of other fics for that. This is more ambitious than my other Dexter fics--and the first time I actually write from Dexter's POV (and Deb's). This contains SPOILERS for the Dexter Season 7 finale and earlier seasons.

Someone Else's Hell (PG-13)   -   BUFFY/ANGEL - This directly follows the Angel season five ep "Damage." I hated the way it ended and I wanted to know what happened to Dana, the pyscho slayer. Totally independent of the comics.

The Trinity Series DC COMICS - Near the bottom of the DC Comics page. It's a series that starts out silly but quickly turns serious. What if the Trinity of Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman really was? What if it expanded? Some folks love this series, others have problems with the directions the characters go. But it tends to spark a reaction of some kind. Mature themes.

Under the Influence (PG-13)   -   M*A*S*H - This is a favorite, possibly one of the most powerful stories I've done--certainly the most unflinching. It's about two very damaged people looking for salvation--or just a handhold.

Waiting for the Sun (PG)   -   DC COMICS - I love exploring the Trinity, and their friendship and what they mean to each other. What they bring to each other. This one isn't nasty, it's more...sweet and sad. And it's written in omniscient, which I don't do much. There is a PG-13 sequel, Letting the Light In.