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The site's getting big enough that it's a pain to search through if you just want the new stuff. So here's what's been posted lately.

Star Trek (Original Series)

After Effects (R)   -   So much fallout from the encounter with V'ger. Not all of it bad. Not all of it good, either. This gets messy. Please trust me and my muse and take the ride. I think you'll enjoy it. (Posted 7/30/17)

Conduct Unbecoming (R)   -   Dysfunction city here. Post Khitomer and the death of Kirk is always ripe for a nasty turn for Chapel and Spock, but this may be the nastiest (in the mean sense, not the sexy way). I wasn't sure if the muse could deliver a happy ending for this one or not. I won't spoil whether she delivers. Take the ride. Sarek and Uhura shine in their roles and a few original characters got more time than I originally thought they would. Little bit different than my normal Chapel, but this one doesn't have the solace of a romance with Kirk or with Sarek, so straight-up Spock/Chapel shippers should enjoy. (Posted 7/30/17)

Home Is Where You Are (PG-13)   -   Sometimes talking is easier when you don't say a word. This is a very fluffy short coda to "Conduct Unbecoming" and a belated birthday present for Karika_Z_Dove. (Posted 7/30/17)

Easier from Far Away (PG-13)   -   Sometimes talking is easier when you don't say a word. This Spock/Chapel story was a birthday present for Geriatricfool. (Posted 7/30/17)

How to Fall in Love (R)   -   This is an experimental, dialogue only story—no connective tissue. I usually despise works that don't use quotation marks to denote dialogue, but since that's all there is here, I'm going to skip them. If I did my job right, you won't miss them. I was missing these two and I needed a diversion from the world, so...this is the result. (Posted 7/30/17)

Original Fic

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Happy Announcement

I have a book of original short stories (ranging from very short flash fiction to novelettes) released by Hadley Rille Books. Look for Life Without Crows by Gerri Leen at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online for the paperback version (it's also in Kindle at Amazon).