Here's What's New

The site's getting big enough that it's a pain to search through if you just want the new stuff. So here's what's been posted lately.

Legends of Tomorrow

When Others Sleep (R)   -   This is OBE now, but still, I dig Mick and Sara together--they have a very fun chemistry. Spoilers through the episode "Beebo, the God of War." (Posted 8/22/18)

Star Trek (Original Series)

Grief (R)   -   A story about love but also about the havoc grief plays, and the many ways it affects us and others. Spock/Chapel (Posted 8/22/18) From Unexpected Places (R)   -   This is a prequel to "Grief," but you don't have to have read that story for this one to work. This is a look at how Kirk and Chapel came together, and how she and Spock found a way to the friendship that would pave the way to what comes later in "Grief." If you need a happier outing than "Grief," this may be for you. Kirk/Chapel (Posted 8/22/18)

Hellcat (R)   -   Their marriage was severely tested during the Pon Farr, but things have been good since then. One little girl can't change all that--can she? This is a sequel to "Nothing's Perfect" in the Kirk/Spock/Chapel series. (Usually I only do these in Chapel's POV but another character needed a voice, so this is a little more experimental than others in the series.) (Posted 8/22/18)

Original Fic

Check out Gerri Leen's Virtual Abode . I also write romance under the pen name Kim Strattford .

Happy Announcement

I have a book of original short stories (ranging from very short flash fiction to novelettes) released by Hadley Rille Books. Look for Life Without Crows by Gerri Leen at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online for the paperback version (it's also in Kindle at Amazon).