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The site's getting big enough that it's a pain to search through if you just want the new stuff. So here's what's been posted lately.

Star Trek (Original Series)

Tainted Love (R)   -   Betrayed by their partners after the events in STVI, Spock and Chapel finally turn to each other. But can they shake the past? How fragile is trust? (Posted 10/16/17)

Part 1
Part 2

The Untold Story--Many of Them Actually (R)   -   A death can change things. But sometimes the stories aren't what we think. Love isn't always simple. This is experimental. A longer explanation about how and why is at the start of the story. For those who've wished I'd do more Kirk/Spock, this might scratch that itch. For those who like Spock/Chapel, Kirk/Chapel, or all three, this also might be of interest. (Posted 10/16/17)

You Keep Spinning 'Round Me Just the Same (R)   -   Love makes you do the wacky. So does grief. And when the two collide? This is messy as anything. Also a little experimental in the POVs. The title and chapter titles are from the Linkin Park song "Heavy." I was listening to it, and in between being said about Chester, this story occurred to me. This is for Ruth. (Posted 10/28/17)

Part 1
Part 2

Original Fic

Check out Gerri Leen's Virtual Abode . I also write romance under the pen name Kim Strattford .

Happy Announcement

I have a book of original short stories (ranging from very short flash fiction to novelettes) released by Hadley Rille Books. Look for Life Without Crows by Gerri Leen at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online for the paperback version (it's also in Kindle at Amazon).