Here's What's New

The site's getting big enough that it's a pain to search through if you just want the new stuff. So here's what's been posted lately.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Misery Loves Company (R)   -  Found this about a third done in my WIP file and had a jones to spend some time in the Buffyverse. This is AU if you buy that the comics are canon. I'm going to pretend that Season 8 and beyond of Buffy and anything past "Not Fade Away" on Angel never happened. This is Buffy/Giles-if you don't like that, best move on. (Posted 1/29/17)

Star Trek Reboot Movies

Back Into the Fire (PG-13)   -   I finally saw Star Trek Beyond and while I was bored crapless at the lack of plot, I didn't hate it the way I did Star Trek Into Darkness, which actually made me quit writing reboot fics. So...since I didn't hate it, I decided to make use of the holes they left me and reinsert my favorite gal back into this shindig. This fic will work until the next movie comes out and blows it all to smithereens. (Posted 1/29/17)

Star Trek (Original Series)

In Your Bed (R)   -   This is probably as much a character piece as a romance. Definitely a bit experimental--and a format that I think only works in fanfic where we have all the shared references. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. (Posted 1/29/17)

Worn Paper Dolls (R)   -   Blame Rob Thomas for this. His song "Paper Dolls" is a favorite and it made me think of doing this. I've written enough fics, I hope, that show my true love of Sarek and Amanda, that readers will indulge me for this very messy story. Because there are some inherent problems with a Vulcan/Human relationship. And we mostly turn a blind eye. (Nothing non-consensual here--this isn't about abuse.) This is long--a novella, really. If you're a diehard Sarek/Amanda shipper and hate the thought of anything else, best skip this. (Posted 1/29/17)

Original Fic

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Happy Announcement

I have a book of original short stories (ranging from very short flash fiction to novelettes) released by Hadley Rille Books. Look for Life Without Crows by Gerri Leen at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online for the paperback version (it's also in Kindle at Amazon).