Favorite Places

Music Boomerang - Have too many CDs? Want to trade them and get things you really want? Try this site. I've been a member since it was in beta testing. So happy with it!

View Askew Production - This is on the home page. And it's here. Why? I'm obsessed. Yes, I admit it. I love Kevin Smith. I want to have like a gazillion of his babies.

Dave Barry's Page at the Miami Herald - He makes me chuckle. I like that.

Television Without Pity (formerly Mighty Big TV) - Missed your favorite show? No worries, TWOP will give you a recap. And many of them will make you laugh out loud or say, "Yeah, why the hell did Dawson do that to Joey?" Sign up for their email notifications and be the first on your block to know when a new recap is posted.

The AFU and Urban Legends Archive - For all those virus warnings and frantic chain emails warning you of hypodermics in the theater seats or chloroformers at the local mall. For the most current legends check out the Urban Legend Zeitgeist.

Antigone Rising - I love this band. They are fun, they have a great sound, and they are still setting up their own instruments. Gotta love that! See them live if you get the chance.

Common Errors in English - Ever wondered when to use 'into' and when to use 'in to'? Then this site is for you.

Dictionary.com - Don't know what a word means? Why reach for the dictionary when you can just type it in?