Slayer Series

You'll find Christine the Vampire Slayer stories here. Sounds like a stretch? Give it a try, they may surprise you.

The Slayer Series - Five Year Mission

The Next Evil Thing (PG-13)   -   A distress call leads the Enterprise to face a terrible evil, an evil that Christine knows better than any of her crewmates realize.

Never Alone (PG-13)   -   Christine tries to return to her old life, but a stopover on Earth puts an end to that.

Natural Enemies (PG-13)   -   Back on the Enterprise, Christine and Spock attempt to learn more about their new foe and her paramour, and are soon learning more than they ever expected.

Set in Stone (PG-13)   -   A Halloween challenge response - Christine has premonitions that the next mission may be her last.

Gotterdammerung (PG-13)   -   The stage is set for a momentous battle. Will Christine survive? Will any of them? This is dark.

Hopeless (PG-13)   -   Months after Chapel fled from the chaos that her life had become, she has found some small peace on Earth. Until the Enterprise comes home, bringing old betrayals and unfinished business with her.

The Lost Years Saga

Hopeless closed out the 5-year mission. This begins a look at the time when the crew was dispersed,
and the Enterprise was in for refits. These are the lost years before TMP. Well, okay, once we get
to "Unstoppable" and "New Heading," it is also the movie and beyond.

# 1 - Reckless (PG-13)

# 2 - Free Association (PG-13)

# 3 - Bystanders (PG-13)

# 4 - Release (PG-13)

# 5 - Sins of the Past (PG-13)

# 6 - Hellspawn (PG-13)

# 7 - Chaos (PG-13)

# 8 - Dirty Secrets (PG-13)

# 9 - Course Correction (PG-13)

# 10 - Unstoppable (PG-13)

# 11 - New Heading (PG-13) The last in the Lost Years series. Hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Look for more Slayer stories.

The Next Wave

This begins the new mission, post Star Trek: TMP, with all the changed that the Lost Yars series brought.

Pick Six (PG-13)   -   First in the post Lost Years stories, this is mostly just a reason to spend some silly time with the kids--and their XO friends. <

No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy (R)   -   While Kirk and the others search for Lori, Spock finds himself facing the Pon Farr and this time with a new partner, something that affects Chapel in ways she didn't expect. Special appearances by Angel and Spike, cuz why not?

The Slayer Turned Stories

This jumps off from Release in the Lost Years saga.
It asks: What if things had gone a little differently in the park that night?
It's dark, it's probably sort of kinky, and it's guilty fun. Enjoy.

Re-Released (R)   -   A fateful moment of surrender changes more than one life forever.

Old Debts (R)   -   Story two in the series. Life has changed, but some relationships don't. Or do they?

Out of Control (R)   -   Story three in the series. Decisions have taken life on a new path. But some things are inevitable. Like destiny, love, and V'ger.