Sarek/Chapel Stories

This is for The Original Series only version of Sarek and Chapel--there is another
Sarek/Chapel fic on the 2009 Movie page.

Stand-Alone Stories

Awkward (R)   -   Because the death of a loved one can make things weird long after it's happened. Why Do You Want Me? (R)   -   Chapel has a question for Sarek. Sequel to "Awkward."

A Friend in Need (R)   -   I am finding myself in love with the Sarek/Chapel pairing and wanted to do something a little less err angty and drastic than their last outing. Or if not less angsty, at least the angst will not come from complications from Spock. A longish one, for those who like a story with a little meat on its bones.

The Lesser of Two Evils (R)   -   The heart wants what the heart wants. And then real life throws a monkey wrench into that concept. This is very long and very messy. It is Spock/Chapel and Sarek/Chapel (not necessarily in that order) but NOT all three (yes, even I have my limits LOL).

Only So Much Room in the Heart (R)   -   Been a while since I wrote a new fic. I've got several other going, but this one wanted to go first. I'm pretty obsessed right now with Sarek/Chapel, not just because I find it a hot pairing, but because it lets me turn a slightly different lens on the main characters as well as the supporting cast. It's fun to see from a different vantage point. Hope you like.

Worn Paper Dolls (R)   -   Blame Rob Thomas for this. His song "Paper Dolls" is a favorite and it made me think of doing this. I've written enough fics, I hope, that show my true love of Sarek and Amanda, that readers will indulge me for this very messy story. Because there are some inherent problems with a Vulcan/Human relationship. And we mostly turn a blind eye. (Nothing non-consensual here--this isn't about abuse.) This is long--a novella, really. If you're a diehard Sarek/Amanda shipper and hate the thought of anything else, best skip this.

The Life is Messy Series

If you just want the Sarek/Chapel part, skip down to "To Belong to Someone," but the story will make more sense if you go through the whole mess. There is some slash and the first story deals with a threesome, but the series is really just about relationships and how they change over time, and what changes them. And it ends up in what, for me, was an unexpected pairing.

For What It's Worth (R)   -   I've done several threesome stories, but this is the first time I've really tried to attack one in a realistic way. What would it be like to have to share? What if it didn't start from scratch with the three of you, but you were brought into an established pair? What if you fall in love, but not with both?

Conference Blues (R)   -   He gave her the smile that always used to annoy her. The knowing and arrogant one. She had to admit, tonight she found it kind of sexy. (This is a short sequel to "For What It's Worth" in the Life is Messy series, but it stands on its own if you didn't read that and just want a McCoy/Chapel fix. And just for the record, writing these two together in TOS is against my religion: I blame Trekfan LOL. )

The Road Re-Traveled (R)   -   This is a sequel to "For What It's Worth" and "Conference Blues." It picks the story back up when the post V'ger mission is wrapping up and goes through Star Trek V. This is people making a mess of things every way they can, and forging unexpected connections as they do.

To Belong to Someone (R)   -   This is the final sequel in the series that started with For What It's Worth. When I first wrote that story, I didn't expect it to turn into something with so many installments. But it's been a fun ride as an author, if perhaps an infuriating (depending on your ship) one for the reader. This one will be no different.

I Just Had a Feeling (R)   -   Very, very short Coda to "To Belong to Someone." I think Sarek is afraid he'll never get a shot at her again. And he knows I won't write Sarek/Amanda LOL. But mostly I wrote this cuz to me, they're fun and hot.