Buffy and Angel Original Stories

Buffy - Pre-Season Six

Gravity (AU)   -   It's a whole new Sunnydale now that the Gift has been given. What happens to Dawn when her family is gone? And to the Scoobies now that their reason for coming together is no more? How does life go on, and how do you get back what's been lost? (This is long but I've been told it is worth the investment of time.)

Part 1 - Release (PG)
Part 2 - Survival (PG-13)
Part 3 - Surrender (PG-13)
Part 4 - Rebirth (PG-13)
Part 5 - Revulsion (PG-13)
Part 6 - Truce (PG-13)
Part 7 - Restoration (PG-13)
Part 8 - Payback (PG-13)

Buffy Season Five/Angel Season Two AUs

Sinking   -   Listening to Fear Post-ep. (AU)(PG-13)     At the time I wrote this, there were only possibilities for how the Riley issue could play out. Now that it is over, this is resigned to the realm of AU. But I still like it.

Not So Stupid   -   (AU) (PG)     This was written before Crush. Harmony demanded a story of her own, and who am I to argue with her?

Love is Blonde - (AU) (PG-13)     This was written before Disharmony. It's pretty much been overtaken by the events of that ep, but Harmony still wanted it posted. She is so demanding. Somebody tell her to leave me alone. Please?!?

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